• Oilgear, Your Hydraulic Control Partner

    Since 1921, Oilgear is a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing hydraulic solutions and products for the most demanding applications.

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  • The Oilgear Company: Best Under Pressure

    Oilgear is an engineering focused company that provides turnkey hydraulic solutions in compliance with international standards. We are a team of problem solvers with centers of excellence spanning the globe, providing solutions in the mobile, energy, and industrial realms. This video provides a brief overview of the history of Oilgear, as well as an update on where we are today.

  • Oilgear PVX Closed Loop Hydrostatic Pump Line

    Oilgear Meets the Challenges of Hydraulic Equipment Running in Harsh Environments and Extreme Conditions with their new PVX Closed Loop Hydrostatic Pump Line.

    A range that offers unique characteristics such as ‘Hard-on-Hard’ technology as well as Hydrodynamic bearings that allow a wide viscosity range for extremely low temperatures as well as allowing Oilgear pumps to runs with special fluids. (Published March 14, 2017)

    Specifications:  Sizes from 50 to 150 cc/rev, 3000 rpm, 6000 psi


  • Skid-Steer Loader Solutions (Poclain Hydraulics)

    Worldwide hydrostatic transmissions in both mobile and stationary applications.  Improved efficiencies, more tractive effort and internal space for other components…These are only some of the benefits of Poclain Hydraulics’ skid steer solutions. Find out more in this video highlight by watching this video.  Cam-Lobe, Direct Drive technology.

  • ELIKA®, Marzocchi’s Gear Pump

    ELIKA®, Marzocchi’s new proposal for the gear pump market, is a perfect fit for all those applications that require low noise levels. The use of ELIKA® gear pump eliminates adverse noise effects on humans and on the surrounding environment. The ELIKA® reduces the noise level by an average of 15 dBA compared with a conventional external gear pump. ELIKA® is a patented product.

  • Parker Hydrostatic Piston Pump

    Parker GOLD CUP hydrostatic transmission pumps are variable displacement piston pumps of an unparalleled rugged design. With operating pressures up to 6,000 psi (420 bar) and speeds to 3600 rpm, this robust design provides circuit reliability for the most severe applications. The Gold Cup family of pumps and motors consists of seven displacements, ranging from 100cc to 500cc.