• Parker’s High Torque Radial Piston Motors

    Parker Calzoni MR hydraulic motors are of the high torque radial piston type. Inside the motors, the unique Fluid Column Technology is utilized to achieve superior performance (efficiency and reliability) compared to competitive designs. The main concept of this unique and outstanding technology is to convert fluid power (pressure and flow) into mechanical power (torque and speed) by means of pressurized columns of fluid which act directly on a spherical eccentric shaft, thereby avoiding the use of conventional connecting rods, pistons, and pins. The torque is generated by the columns of pressurized fluid that directly push the eccentric cam producing the shaft rotation.

  • Skid-Steer Loader Solutions (Poclain Hydraulics)

    Worldwide hydrostatic transmissions in both mobile and stationary applications.  Improved efficiencies, more tractive effort and internal space for other components…These are only some of the benefits of Poclain Hydraulics’ skid steer solutions. Find out more in this video highlight by watching this video.  Cam-Lobe, Direct Drive technology.

  • Tunnel Boring Machine

    Reliable solutions for harsh environments, with Poclain MS shaft motors a highly reliable solution for rugged environments. Poclain MS motor for cutter chamber, for erector and for screw conveyor.

  • Poclain Hydraulics Industrial Market Solutions

    Poclain Hydraulics has many solutions for the Industrial and Mobile Markets. Poclain Hydraulics is s a leading company for mobile applications with the ability to deliver a high performing and reliable hydraulic solution for Industrial applications is found in a wide range of Industrial applications

  • Kawasaki 3-speed Motor

    Introducing the new Staffa HMF 3-speed motors. Featuring three displacement modes, freewheel option, and dynamic displacement change. Motor displacement can be changed with ease while the motor is running. Three displacement modes, freewheel option available, dynamic displacement change, Speed-sensing options.

  • Kawasaki Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine

    Introducing an advanced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) – fuel management system –  for lawn mower engines so you can get work done faster and save in fuel costs. Open-loop design, lean, clean, all muscle. Mow more. Make more.

  • Poclain Motors MI250 | High Displacement Motors |Up to 30 liter Motors

    Reliability, ease of integration and performance are key selection criteria for high displacement hydraulic motors, especially for severe applications. To meet these requirements  The MI250 offers all the benefits of radial piston technology, with a displacement of up to 30 liters.

  • Bauer Gear Motor | Industrial Gearboxes – Andre Bubloz

    Industrial Drive Applications

    • Transmission Elements – Simple mechanical connection to your machine.
    • Control Electronics – Open systems for your application
    • Geared Motors – Low complexity through intelligent modular system