• Schroeder Industries HDP Series | On-Board Diesel Filtration

    The HDP On-Board Diesel Coalescing Filter offers a modern cartridge filter system designed for use in heavy-duty diesel applications. The HDP is available in two configurations. The HDP can be in a manually operated with a water drain (HDP-BC), or it can be ordered with an automatic water drain (HDP-HT). Both versions offer unique features and benefits.

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  • Schroeder TNK

    TNK | Complete Plastic Tank Solutions

    • Package solution comes complete with all accessories installed
    • Patented insertion ring for filter head flange mounting prevents leakage
    • Patented integrated baffle wall creates settling zone for returning oil (degassing) with simultaneous cooling effect
    • High degree of cleanliness eliminates time-consuming flushing processes
    • Lightweight and cost efficient
    • No risk of corrosion
    • Available in three different sizes and configurations
  • Mobile Filtration Systems | MFS/MFD with Fluid Monitoring

    Schroeder’s Mobile Filtration Systems, the MFS/MFD now come with the option to include an HY-TRAX® Fluid Sampling System. Join us for an overview, as well as steps to install the HY-TRAX® to your already existing MFS/MFD. CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR QUICK TIMESTAMPS FOR EASY VIDEO NAVIGATION:

  • ARGO-HYTOS | Industrial Applications and Product Highlights

    I am the future of filtration.

  • Parker Filtration | Protect Flavor of Beer

    All brewers want their beers to be full of flavor and look visually appealing. One of the biggest causes of off flavors and visual deterioration of beer is microbial contamination.


    As a components and system supplier ARGO-HYTOS is an essential part in the supply chain of the world market leaders when it comes to mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering.

  • Schroeder Fluid Condition Monitoring Why is it Important?

    With an ever-changing workplace, it is important to establish your company’s needs for a successful day-to-day operation. Join us for an educational video as we discuss the importance of a proper fluid condition monitoring program.

  • Schroeder Showcase at MINExpo 2016

    Schroeder Group Project Manager Rob Sabo breaks down the features of Schroeder’s HDP HT 1800 filter. This mobile on board application handles particulate removal as well as water coalescing removal at efficiency rates of 99% and above. Sabo also introduces Schroeder’s Inline Coalescing Filter to close this brief product showcase at MINExpo.

  • Schroeder Industries TCM: In-line Particle Counting for Hydraulic Fluid and Fuels

    The Schroeder TCM is among the newest generation of particle monitors that continuously measure solid contamination in fluid. Enclosed in a 4-inch diameter case, the TCM utilizes an optical sensor and measures particles in four sizes: >4, >6, >14 and >21 microns.


  • Schroeder Industries TDS-E, SVD01 and SVD-10 Dehydration Stations

    Review several dehydration stations from Schroeder Industries. In this application video, you will learn about the set-up, installation and operation for three of our dehydration stations with basic troubleshooting.


  • Schroeder Industries LVH and BDS4 In-line Bulk Diesel Filtration

    Low viscosity housing LVH; housings for high flow applications: 200 gpm and up to 951 gpm (ideal 300 gpm and up, unless ASME is required) Vessels built with ASME “U” stamp as standard. Excellent filtration performance in a single pass.