• Schroeder Industries Rolling Media Filter (RMF) Process/Water Filtration Solutions

    An RMF from Schroeder Industries is your solution to removing mass amounts of contamination from your process water. It also reduces manual labor, and disposables, all in a very small footprint.

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  • STAUFF Weld Gun

    Increased productivity and flexibility for the installation of Stauff pipe, tube, hose and cable clamps. Stauff is using the stud welding principle for the installation of pipe, tube, hose and cable clamps. The usual welded base plate is replaced with female threaded weld studs fastened to the machine using the Stauff Weld Gun.

  • STAUFF Weld Technology

    For more than 50 years now, original STAUFF Clamps are known as a symbol for quick and easy pipe and tube installations as well as for a clean, distinct and safe pipe layout. Their vibration and noise reducing features are appreciated as being an important contribution to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

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  • Oilgear, Your Hydraulic Control Partner

    Since 1921, Oilgear is a recognized leader in designing and manufacturing hydraulic solutions and products for the most demanding applications.

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  • The Oilgear Company: Best Under Pressure

    Oilgear is an engineering focused company that provides turnkey hydraulic solutions in compliance with international standards. We are a team of problem solvers with centers of excellence spanning the globe, providing solutions in the mobile, energy, and industrial realms. This video provides a brief overview of the history of Oilgear, as well as an update on where we are today.

  • Oilgear PVX Closed Loop Hydrostatic Pump Line

    Oilgear Meets the Challenges of Hydraulic Equipment Running in Harsh Environments and Extreme Conditions with their new PVX Closed Loop Hydrostatic Pump Line.

    A range that offers unique characteristics such as ‘Hard-on-Hard’ technology as well as Hydrodynamic bearings that allow a wide viscosity range for extremely low temperatures as well as allowing Oilgear pumps to runs with special fluids. (Published March 14, 2017)

    Specifications:  Sizes from 50 to 150 cc/rev, 3000 rpm, 6000 psi


  • Schroeder Industries QF5i

    Schroeder QF5i  | Cold Start Protection | Inside-Out Flow Filter | Medium Pressure (500 3000 psi) | Base Ported | 120 GPM (454 L/min), 500 PSI (35 bar).

    The Schroeder QF5i provides an efficient means to remove both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic parts from your fluid.

    View product specifications here. 

  • STAUFF Corporate Film 2018: Perfectly Harmonized

    STAUFF Products and Services. Over 40,000 components in harmony.

    STAUFF is an internationally certified developer, manufacturer, and supplier of hydraulic pipework equipment and components.

    Our state of the art production facilities, logistics and service centers employ over 1200 highly motivated team members worldwide.

    The STAUFF product range includes pipe clamps, pressure test points, filters, valves, hydraulic diagnostic equipment, metric tube couplings and hydraulic accessories. With our recent acquisition of Voswinkel, we can now offer German manufactured quick release couplings for all popular sizes.

  • Schroeder Industries Filter Systems Plus Industrial “MRO” Market

    Learn how Schroeder Industries’ Filter Systems play a key role in an Industrial “MRO” setting.  Product Groups, Filter Systems, Filtration Carts, MFD with HY-TRAX, Contamination Monitoring Equipment, Contamination Sensor, Dehydrators for Water Removal.

  • Parker’s High Torque Radial Piston Motors

    Parker Calzoni MR hydraulic motors are of the high torque radial piston type. Inside the motors, the unique Fluid Column Technology is utilized to achieve superior performance (efficiency and reliability) compared to competitive designs. The main concept of this unique and outstanding technology is to convert fluid power (pressure and flow) into mechanical power (torque and speed) by means of pressurized columns of fluid which act directly on a spherical eccentric shaft, thereby avoiding the use of conventional connecting rods, pistons, and pins. The torque is generated by the columns of pressurized fluid that directly push the eccentric cam producing the shaft rotation.

  • Skid-Steer Loader Solutions (Poclain Hydraulics)

    Worldwide hydrostatic transmissions in both mobile and stationary applications.  Improved efficiencies, more tractive effort and internal space for other components…These are only some of the benefits of Poclain Hydraulics’ skid steer solutions. Find out more in this video highlight by watching this video.  Cam-Lobe, Direct Drive technology.

  • What Are Test Fittings?

    Stauff – Published by Fluid Power World. The need for preventative maintenance of hydraulic systems, in general, has added to the use of test points throughout the system. This need is answered by the installation of a range of test points, plugs, and probes. Measuring Points: Pressure, Fluid samples, Gas charge, Bleed air.

  • Schroeder Industries HDP Series | On-Board Diesel Filtration

    The HDP On-Board Diesel Coalescing Filter offers a modern cartridge filter system designed for use in heavy-duty diesel applications. The HDP is available in two configurations. The HDP can be in a manually operated with a water drain (HDP-BC), or it can be ordered with an automatic water drain (HDP-HT). Both versions offer unique features and benefits.

    View literature here

  • Tunnel Boring Machine

    Reliable solutions for harsh environments, with Poclain MS shaft motors a highly reliable solution for rugged environments. Poclain MS motor for cutter chamber, for erector and for screw conveyor.

  • Schroeder TNK

    TNK | Complete Plastic Tank Solutions

    • Package solution comes complete with all accessories installed
    • Patented insertion ring for filter head flange mounting prevents leakage
    • Patented integrated baffle wall creates settling zone for returning oil (degassing) with simultaneous cooling effect
    • High degree of cleanliness eliminates time-consuming flushing processes
    • Lightweight and cost efficient
    • No risk of corrosion
    • Available in three different sizes and configurations
  • Parker Intellinder and Oracle Racing Boats

    Technology improves Control Systems in Team Oracle USA. Regulating the power on demand — locally at the actuator — optimizes energy consumption, increases machine performance and reduces downtime. Ref. Parker News

  • Mobile Filtration Systems | MFS/MFD with Fluid Monitoring

    Schroeder’s Mobile Filtration Systems, the MFS/MFD now come with the option to include an HY-TRAX® Fluid Sampling System. Join us for an overview, as well as steps to install the HY-TRAX® to your already existing MFS/MFD. CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR QUICK TIMESTAMPS FOR EASY VIDEO NAVIGATION:

  • ARGO-HYTOS | Industrial Applications and Product Highlights

    I am the future of filtration.

  • Parker Filtration | Protect Flavor of Beer

    All brewers want their beers to be full of flavor and look visually appealing. One of the biggest causes of off flavors and visual deterioration of beer is microbial contamination.


    As a components and system supplier ARGO-HYTOS is an essential part in the supply chain of the world market leaders when it comes to mobile working machinery and mechanical engineering.

  • Poclain Hydraulics Industrial Market Solutions

    Poclain Hydraulics has many solutions for the Industrial and Mobile Markets. Poclain Hydraulics is s a leading company for mobile applications with the ability to deliver a high performing and reliable hydraulic solution for Industrial applications is found in a wide range of Industrial applications

  • Kawasaki 3-speed Motor

    Introducing the new Kawasaki Staffa HMF Series 3-speed motors. Featuring three displacement modes, freewheel option, and dynamic displacement change. Motor displacement can be changed with ease while the motor is running. Three displacement modes, freewheel option available, dynamic displacement change, Speed-sensing options.

  • Kawasaki Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine

    Introducing an advanced Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) – fuel management system –  for lawn mower engines so you can get work done faster and save in fuel costs. Open-loop design, lean, clean, all muscle. Mow more. Make more.

  • Poclain Motors MI250 | High Displacement Motors |Up to 30 liter Motors

    Reliability, ease of integration and performance are key selection criteria for high displacement hydraulic motors, especially for severe applications. To meet these requirements  The MI250 offers all the benefits of radial piston technology, with a displacement of up to 30 liters.

  • Schroeder Fluid Condition Monitoring Why is it Important?

    With an ever-changing workplace, it is important to establish your company’s needs for a successful day-to-day operation. Join us for an educational video as we discuss the importance of a proper fluid condition monitoring program.

  • Schroeder Showcase at MINExpo 2016

    Schroeder Group Project Manager Rob Sabo breaks down the features of Schroeder’s HDP HT 1800 filter. This mobile on board application handles particulate removal as well as water coalescing removal at efficiency rates of 99% and above. Sabo also introduces Schroeder’s Inline Coalescing Filter to close this brief product showcase at MINExpo.

  • Stauff Measuring Devices of the Series LasPac II and LPM II for Controlling

    Particle measuring units from STAUFF determine the purity of your hydraulic and lubricating oils quickly, simply and precisely, providing an immediate result. While the portable LasPaC II series units have been designed for on-site measurement and recording of cleanliness levels, continuous real-time monitoring is possible through the permanently installed LPM II series particle monitors.

  • Stauff Product Video: Hydraulic Testers of the PPC Series

    Specially developed for the growing needs of system monitoring, troubleshooting and determining measured values in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.The STAUFF measuring and test equipment of the PPC series are perfectly suited for measuring all relevant parameters in fluid power systems, including pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow and rotational speed. Depending on the type, they allow evaluation, storage and further processing in PCs or notebooks.

  • Schroeder Industries Test Points: Connect Under Pressure Hydraulic Test Fittings

    Schroeder Industries Check® test points provide a fast, easy, and safe way to test pressures up to 10,000 psi (680 bar) in hydraulic systems under operation.

  • ELIKA®, Marzocchi’s Gear Pump

    ELIKA®, Marzocchi’s new proposal for the gear pump market, is a perfect fit for all those applications that require low noise levels. The use of ELIKA® gear pump eliminates adverse noise effects on humans and on the surrounding environment. The ELIKA® reduces the noise level by an average of 15 dBA compared with a conventional external gear pump. ELIKA® is a patented product.

  • Parker Hydrostatic Piston Pump

    Parker GOLD CUP hydrostatic transmission pumps are variable displacement piston pumps of an unparalleled rugged design. With operating pressures up to 6,000 psi (420 bar) and speeds to 3600 rpm, this robust design provides circuit reliability for the most severe applications. The Gold Cup family of pumps and motors consists of seven displacements, ranging from 100cc to 500cc.

  • Bauer Gear Motor | Industrial Gearboxes – Andre Bubloz

    Industrial Drive Applications

    • Transmission Elements – Simple mechanical connection to your machine.
    • Control Electronics – Open systems for your application
    • Geared Motors – Low complexity through intelligent modular system
  • Parker Integrated Series Transmissions: More Power Options, Wider Market Applications

    Parker drive systems have been propelling the turf industry since the introduction of zero turn radius mowers. Parker HT Series Integrated Hydrostatic Transmissions continue to demonstrate market leading durability and efficiency.


  • Schroeder Industries TCM: In-line Particle Counting for Hydraulic Fluid and Fuels

    The Schroeder TCM is among the newest generation of particle monitors that continuously measure solid contamination in fluid. Enclosed in a 4-inch diameter case, the TCM utilizes an optical sensor and measures particles in four sizes: >4, >6, >14 and >21 microns.


  • Schroeder Industries TDS-E, SVD01 and SVD-10 Dehydration Stations

    Review several dehydration stations from Schroeder Industries. In this application video, you will learn about the set-up, installation and operation for three of our dehydration stations with basic troubleshooting.


  • Stauff PT-RF Pressure Transmitter RFID Technology

    (OEM) Original equipment manufacturers will benefit from this new technology.
    If the pressure transmitters are installed at their factory already, the innovative technology can provide a competitive edge over alternative suppliers and open up specific advantages for the end users, increasing the value retention of their own devices in the long term.

  • Parker’s Air Oil Coolers for Industrial and Mobile Markets – Animated Tutorial

    Parker’s portfolio of air oil coolers and radiators includes product with AC, DC, hydraulic, and engine driven fans. In addition to standard, single fluid coolers, we work with you to design and manufacture custom oil coolers for multi-fluid solutions for the mobile market. (View “How to specify the proper sized heat exchanger for your hydraulic system).

  • Schroeder Industries LVH and BDS4 In-line Bulk Diesel Filtration

    Low viscosity housing LVH; housings for high flow applications: 200 gpm and up to 951 gpm (ideal 300 gpm and up, unless ASME is required) Vessels built with ASME “U” stamp as standard. Excellent filtration performance in a single pass.


  • Parker Piston Accumulator – Tutorial

    Parker’s piston style accumulator is a proven design which has served both the industrial and mobile hydraulic markets, providing energy management solutions for many hydraulic system applications. This animated video shows the basic concepts of operation for piston accumulators. The threaded version is available up to 25″ bore and 20,000psi. Parker also offers a patented crimped design, which provides the same performance advantages at a lower cost. Sizes available up to 4″ bore and 5,000psi.

  • Parker Bladder Accumulator – Tutorial

    Parker’s bladder style accumulator is a proven design which has served both the industrial and mobile hydraulic markets, providing energy management solutions for many hydraulic system applications. Offering a standard, globally certified bladder accumulator (ASME and CE rated) is Parker’s approach at one accumulator design certified for most markets, geographies and applications.

  • Parker’s Hydraulic Technology

    Parker’s Hydraulics Group has a leadership position in major mobile, industrial and truck markets throughout the world. Based on a partnering philosophy, Parker provides not only leading edge motion and control technology, but is also deeply committed to improving productivity and throughput while reducing energy and fuel consumption.