Remote Monitoring and Telematics

  • Digitalization, Connecting the World of Mobile Machines – STW Technic

    Off-Highway Telematics – Bob Geiger President of STW Technic talks about Electonic Components for Control and Telematics and Measurement Technologies in the Off-Highway Market.  The needs of the future such as low power radio devices, more sophisticated WiFi interfaces, access points, Ethernet switches.

    STW Technic Remote Monitoring and Telematics

  • PROEMION Wirless CAN Interfaces CANlink Mobile

    Global Connectivity with PROEMION’s CANlink mobile. Embedded Systems and Cloud-Based Web Services.

    View Wireless CAN Interfaces here. Mobile 5000 Series

  • Proemion Telematics CAN-bus Light Tower

    A light tower that is remotely controlled by the Proemion telematics web portal. The light tower can be accessed anywhere worldwide. The telematics portal shows the gps position of the machine and its CAN-bus data. With the new feature, remote tab of the Proemion telematics system the engine of the light tower can be turned on and off, the tower can be raised and lights turned on and off.

  • Proemion Telematics Systems

    Proemion CAN Telematics. Transmit ALL machine data remotely in real-time-Anywhere. Anytime. Connected. The new Proemion Image Movie explaining telematics on an example.

  • Proemion Corporation – RM Michaelides CAN-bus Modules

    Customized solutions for CAN-bus modules and sophisticated CAN applications.  Our DIN certified processes certify highest quality. Tailored system components made-up of hardware, firmware and software all in accordance with your specifications and requirements.

  • STW Technic, LP ESX-TC3G Sensor Teleservice

    The ESX-TC3G features a 32-bit MPC5200B 400MHz processor and 1GB of flash memory as its predecessor. This unit has an excellent array of communications options. The basic unit has two (2) CAN ports, an RS-232 port, and a USB port.