Dual Displacement, High Torque, Low Speed

    • Kawasaki Staffa HMC Series

      Dual Displacement, High Torque, Low Speed, Radial Piston Motor. The range of the Kawasaki Staffa HMC motors extends from the HMC010 of 202 cm³ (12.3 in³) to the HMC325 of 5330 cm³ (325 in³) displacement. These motors are also available in a continuously variable version using either hydro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic control methods. The HMC series dual […]

    • Kawasaki Staffa HMF Series

      Three-Speed Radial Piston Motor, from 1,524 cc/rev to 5,326 cc/rev. The Kawasaki Staffa HMF series three-speed models have three pre-set displacements which can be chosen from a wide range to suit specific application requirements. The displacement are hydraulically selected using remotely mounted directional control valves. Motor displacement can be changed with ease while the motor […]

    • Kawasaki Staffa HPC Series

      Dual Displacement, High Torque, Low Speed, Radial Piston Motor, 1600cc/rev to 5326 cc/ rev.. The Kawasaki Staffa HPC series is a high power version of the Kawasaki Staffa HMC Series, for high-performance applications. The enhanced version of the standard C series motor includes special low friction components combined with crankcase flushing flow to achieve increased […]

    • Parker Calzoni MRD/E* Series

      Dual Displacement, Radial Piston Motor, Front Flange Mounting, 304.1 cm³/rev (18.6 in³/rev) to 5401.2 cm³/rev (329.6 in³/rev) . The Parker MRD-MRDE Series-Dual Displacement Series motor has a 5 piston design, with displacement rations of 1:2 or 1:3, a starting torque from 90-95% theoretical, and a total efficiency up to 96%. The outstanding performance of the […]

    • Parker Calzoni MRV Series

      MRV Series – LSHT Variable Displacement Radial Piston Motors MRV, MRVE: 450cc/rev – 8,200cc/rev; Variable Displacement. Parker’s MR Series radial piston motors are available in an extremely wide displacement range, 33cc-23033cc, and pressure rated to 3,600psi continuous and 4350psi intermittent, the patented Parker Calzoni MR series radial piston motors rotary motion design is achieved by […]