Piston Motors

Piston Motors -Reciprocating Pistons and Motion-Converting Mechanisms Producing Rotation Movement and Torque.

Piston motors typically have lower internal leakage and higher-pressure ratings than gear type motors and come in a variety of designs with both low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) and high-speed, low-torque (HSLT) classifications. Piston motors offer extremely high mechanical efficiency, up to 97% to 98%.

Like the pump, piston motors include both axial piston and radial piston units. Axial piston motors maybe either in-line or bent-axis and either fixed or variable displacement.

GSGR offers a wide variety of motors from well-known brands all with unique performance characteristics which are designed for superior, efficient system performance. Browse below to find an extensive range to choose from. Can’t find what you are looking for, the GSGR design team providesĀ application assistanceĀ to determine the proper size and style of motor, contact us today to discuss your application needs.