Gear & Vane

For Simple Rotating Systems. Benefits Include Low Initial cost and High RPM.

Gear Motor – Simple Design, Cost Effective, and Tolerant to Dirt.

The most common type of hydraulic motor is the gear type. Gear motors, unlike the piston or vane type motors, are less susceptibility to contamination.  Simple in construction, a gear motor develops torque due to the hydraulic pressure acting on the surface of the gear teeth.

Vane Motor – Many Are Capable of Providing Rotation in Either Direction.

Vane motors typically consist of a cartridge assembly of a motor housing. This design is very similar to a vane pump. Two-port plates separate the inlet and outlet ports as they sandwich the rotor and cam ring between them.

GSGR offers a wide variety of motors from well-known brands all with unique performance characteristics which are designed for superior, efficient system performance. Browse below to find an extensive range to choose from. Can’t find what you are looking for, the GSGR design team provides¬†application assistance¬†to determine the proper size and style of motor, contact us today to discuss your application needs.



    • Bondioli & Pavesi HPLMA | Series L

      Aluminum Body Gear Motor in Group 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Sizes and Displacements from 1.9cc to 88cc/rev for Standard Pressure Operation. Gear motors provide the drive for rotary implements and attachments utilized in these same areas of activity. Functional and versatile. A wide range of units is available, featuring a modular design so […]

    • Parker M3B & M4 Series

      Medium Duty Vane Motors. The Parker M3B and M4* have been specifically designed for longer life in severe duty applications that require high pressures up to 230 bar, high speed up to 4000 RPM and low fluid lubricity. The vane, rotor and cam ring are pressure balanced to increase the motor lifetime and efficiency over […]

    • Parker M5 Series

      Heavy Duty Fixed Displacement Vane Motor. The Parker M5 series is tailored for severe duty applications which require high pressure, high speed, and low fluid lubricity. Parker hydraulic vane motors M5 Series offer a very compact solution and, with their built-in valves, they turn into complete hydraulic cooling units, allowing optimal performances, time and money […]

    • Permco 2500 Series

      Medium Displacement, 1.28-6.43, Double Roller Bearing Design, Capable of Handling Heavy-Side and Axial Loads. The Permco 2500 series gear motor is a medium displacement double roller bearing motor, displacement 1.28 – 6.43, max rpm 2400, gear widths 1″ – 2.5″, 4.7-23.3 gpm, 2000 max. psi.

    • Permco 3700 Series

      Large Displacement, 1.54 – 9.26, Double Roller Bearing Design, Unique Shaft Options, Strong Shaft Seal for Improved Performance in Dirty and Contaminated Environments. The Permco 3700 series gear motor is a large displacement roller bearing motor, displacement 1.54 – 9.26, max rpm 2400, gear widths 1″ – 3″, 5.6 – 36.7 gpm, 2000 max psi.

    • Permco 5151(DIN 5151) Series

      Medium Displacement, 1.28 – 6.43, Rear Ported, Rated for Higher Pressures. The Permco 5151 Series gear motor is a medium displacement roller bearing bi-rotational pump/motor, displacement 1.28 – 6.43, max rpm 2400, gear widths 1.75″ – 2.50″, gpm 5.5 – 28.

    • Permco Legacy Series 1500

      Small Gear Displacement Roller Bearing. The Permco Legacy Series 1500 displacements from .73 to 2.9, gpm from 1.9 to 7.4. Small displacement options in a roller bearing unit. The 1500 Series works well in dirty, and contaminated environments.

    • Permco PM4C Series

      Small Displacement Vane Motor, 1.49-4.89 Displacement, Phosphate Coating, Wiper Built into Shaft Seal. The Permco PM4C Series vane motor is a small displacement vane motor 1.49 – 4.89, max rpm 3600, torque @ 24-75, rpm 3600, cam ring range 024-075.

    • Permco PM4D Series

      Medium to Large Vane Motor, 3.97- 8.81 Displacement, Cam Ring 062-138 Range. The Permco PM4D Series vane motor is a medium to large frame size displacement vane motor 3.97 – 8.81, max rpm 3000, torque @ 2000 rpm 62-138, max psi of 2500.

    • Permco PM4E Series

      Large Displacement Vane Motor, 9.67-13.55 Displacement, Cam-Ring. The Permco PM4E Series vane motor is a large displacement motor, with a Cam-Ring range of 153-214, max. psi 2500, max rpm 3000, torque range 153-214.