Shell and Tube

Both Shell-and-Tube, and, Brazed-Plate Heat Exchangers Have the Ability to Cool or Warm Hydraulic Fluid.

A typical oil-to-water (water) cooler is the shell-and-tube cooler. With this type of cooler the water flows through the shell and around the tube bundle that carries the oil. Baffles are used to cause the cooling water to flow essentially perpendicular to the tube bundle. This provides a more efficient temperature gradient than what could be achieved by having the water flow parallel to the tube bundle. The rate of the heat flow is directly proportional to the temperature difference, therefore, the cooler the water at any point in the heat exchanger, the more effective it will remove the heat from the hydraulic fluid.

Shell-and-tube exchangers are usually single-pass or double-pass units but are also available in four-pass designs. The term pass refers to the number of times the water flows the length of the exchanger between entering the inlet port and being discharged at the outlet port.

  • Single-pass: The two fluids usually enter at opposite ends
  • Double-pass: The cooling water enters and leaves the shell through the ports at the same end. The hydraulic fluid usually enters at that end also but exits through the opposite end
    • Parker SWO Series

      Lightweight, Compact, Efficient, (TP-A1) with 3 kW – (TP-F6) with 500 kW. The Parker SWO Water Oil Coolers are manufactured to cater for the most common power requirements in the hydraulics industry. The serialized manufactured units range from the smallest size (TP-A1) with 3 kW of heat dissipation power to the largest size (TP-F6) with […]

    • TTP A Series

      Steel or Non-Ferrous Construction, Seawater Service. The TTP A Series is a legacy product developed to interchange with ITT/Standard X-Change. Its non-ferrous design (brass shell) is ideal for water to water, including sea water cooling applications. This unit is not recommended for new applications. TT B or HC Series is recommended for new applications.

    • TTP B/SB Series

      Fluid Water, Oil Cooling, Shell &Tube | Brass | Steel. The B Series is very versatile in its ability to accommodate multiple application requirements. The smaller size unit features tube options with greater surface area and multiple baffle spacing options to optimize heat transfer and pressure drop. The B series is a non-ferrous design. Brass […]

    • TTP CA-2000 Series

      Super High-Flow, Rugged Steel Construction, Maximum 10″ DIA., 12′ Long. The TTP CA -2000 Series is the largest standard shell and tube heat exchanger in the TTP product line. It features rugged steel construction and is capable of handling very high flow rates and heat transfer capabilities at a competitive price. Custom designs are also […]

    • TTP COLW Series

      Water-Cooled Cool Loop, Offline Fluid Conditioning System, Wall and Floor Mount. The TTP COL Series is a water-cooled off-line fluid conditioning system utilizing reliable, high performing and low-noise screw pump technology. High efficiency is achieved by the utilization of the TTP EK Series shell & tube heat exchanger. Options include cartridge style in-line filters and […]

    • TTP EC Series

      Rugged, Optimal Heat Rejection, Low Water Usage, High Flow Capacity & Performance. The TTP EC Series is a robust version of the TTP EK series with the same efficiency; handling flows up to 250 GPM. The aluminum finned tube bundle design provides an increased surface area that allows for optimal heat rejection with low water […]

    • TTP EK Series

      Lowest Cost, Most Efficient Water Cooled Heat Exchanger, Compact Size, Optimal Surge-Cushion®. The TTP EK Series – the ‘Green’ cooler – is the most efficient heat exchanger offered in the water-cooled series.  The aluminum finned tube bundle design provides an increased surface area that allows for optimal heat rejection with low water usage.  An optional […]

    • TTP EKT Series

      High-Efficiency Finned Bundle Design, Serviceable, Removable, In-Tank Design Minimizes Space Requirements and Reduces Plumbing. The TTP EKT Series is a TTP EK model designed with a tank flange that allows it to be installed directly in the hydraulic reservoir. The aluminum finned tube bundle design provides an increased surface area that allows for optimal heat […]

    • TTP HC Series

      Low Cost, Low-to-High Applications. The HC Series shell & tube style offers the widest variety of options for utilizing water for cooling compressor lube oil or air. It remains the industry standard in ultimate value and long-term reliability. The proven fixed tube sheet design shell and tube heat exchanger offers the cost effectiveness that comes […]

    • TTP K Series

      Modine Interchange, For Existing Applications. The K Series features optimal heat rejection with its aluminum finned tube bundle design. This series is applicable to Modine interchanges and is not recommended for new applications. Use TTP EK Series for new applications.

    • TTP PVR Series

      Industry Standard in Pressure Vessel Regulated Coolers. The TTP PVR Series is the industry standard in pressure vessel regulated coolers. Developing accurate bills of material, producing all necessary code calculations, and ensuring proper completion of all required code paperwork and inspection reports, are all part of the services provided by our team of design professionals […]

    • TTP SSC Series

      New Oil-Water Applications, Type 316 Stainless Steel Construction, Special TEMAC/CRN Ratings Available. The TTP SSC Series features all stainless steel construction. The proven fixed tubesheet design shell and tube heat exchanger offers the cost effectiveness that comes with having a high standard design, while easily providing for various options to meet specific application requirements. Custom […]

    • TTP UC/UCV Series

      Steam and Large Temperature Differentials, Reduces Thermal Expansion Stresses, Built-In Expansion Chamber. The TTP UC/UCV Series features all-steel construction with a U-tube design that reduces stresses caused by thermal expansion. The UCV features rotated shell ports for removal of condensate. The tube bundle, removable for servicing, is standard on all models. This series is ideal […]