Plate Style

Brazed-Plate Heat Exchangers Are Very Compact Units That Provide Heating or Cooling With Minimal Pressure Drop.

The brazed-plate heat exchanger is constructed of a number of stainless steel plates. Each plate is stamped with a corrugated pattern. The plates are separated by thin, spacer sheets of copper or nickel. This stack of plates and spacers is fitted with endplates and inlet and outlet fittings. The assembly is brazed in a high-temperature oven, resulting in a very compact and efficient single-pass heat exchanger. The water and hydraulic fluid are directed through alternate channels formed between the plates. The operating principles of the Plate are very similar to the shell-and-tube design.

    • Parker OAW

      Water Oil Coolers Providing Highest Performance – Compact Size. For mobile and industrial use – maximum cooling capacity 274 HP. The Parker OAW Series of water oil coolers offers rugged, brazed plate construction; providing the highest performance and most compact size available. The Parker OAW Series offers up to 274 horsepower of cooling at an […]

    • Parker PWO Series

      Lightweight, Compact, Efficient for Industrial and Marine Applications. With the Parker PWO water oil cooler in your system, you can be assured that the fluid in your system is working at the correct temperature, providing maximum performance and reliability. The cooling elements of the Parker PWO water oil cooler consist of corrugated channel plates sandwiched […]

    • TTP BPSW Series

      Compact, Stainless Steel Construction, Standard Models with Short Lead-time. The TTP BPSW Series is rugged, compact and cost-effective, and is reliable over long periods of time with minimal maintenance. Design features of this highly-efficient series include 316 stainless steel construction and standard SAE connections. High plate channel turbulence effectively performs even in close approach temperatures. […]

    • TTP BPW Series

      Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers for Fluid Power Applications. Built to Order, Highly Customizable Sizes and Options. 316 stainless steel construction and standard SAE connections are features of this highly efficient technology. The compact design and multiple mounting options lead to optimization of heat transfer when space is limited. High plate channel turbulence means effective performance […]

    • TTP PF Series

      Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers for Fluid Power Applications, Compact, Serviceable Design, and Flexible Cost-Saving Alternative. The TTP PF Series is a high-performing gasketed plate style heat exchanger. Able to handle large volumetric flows with low-temperature drops, the design features large heat exchanging surfaces in a very compact, space-saving frame. The units can be readily […]