Stored Energy (in the form of Hydro-Pneumatic) Under Pressure, When You Need It.

A hydraulic component where system liquid is stored under pressure using a mechanical device, compressed gas, or weight to maintain pressure. Accumulators regenerate stored energy for system efficiency and considerable reduction of horsepower loss.

A simple hydraulic system consisting of a prime mover (usually an electric motor, diesel engine, or gas engine), pump, lines, control valves, actuators, and liquid hydraulic fluid cannot store energy. The prime mover must continually operate to keep the system energized.

Accumulators are the fluid power component in a system, that absorbs and stores the energy. This stored energy is used to produce limited flow to expand the pump output, or to supply fluid to operate the systems sub-circuits when the prime movers and pump are not operating.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) can provide the correct accumulator no matter what the application. We offer a wide range of products and technologies including bladder, diaphragm, piston, and gas bottle devices. Our engineering team will calculate the best style and fit for a cost-effective application solution.

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