Stored Energy (in the form of Hydro-Pneumatic) Under Pressure, When You Need It.

A hydraulic component where system liquid is stored under pressure using a mechanical device, compressed gas, or weight to maintain pressure. Accumulators regenerate stored energy for system efficiency and considerable reduction of horsepower loss.

A simple hydraulic system consisting of a prime mover (usually an electric motor, diesel engine, or gas engine), pump, lines, control valves, actuators, and liquid hydraulic fluid cannot store energy. The prime mover must continually operate to keep the system energized.

Accumulators are the fluid power component in a system, that absorbs and stores the energy. This stored energy is used to produce limited flow to expand the pump output, or to supply fluid to operate the systems sub-circuits when the prime movers and pump are not operating.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) can provide the correct accumulator no matter what the application. We offer a wide range of products and technologies including bladder, diaphragm, piston, and gas bottle devices. Our engineering team will calculate the best style and fit for a cost-effective application solution.


For more detailed information on our hydraulic product offerings, feel free to browse our website or Contact us directly, to speak with one of our application specialists.

    • Accumulator Port Adaptors (SAE to Flange)

      Bladder Accumulator Port Adaptors for Code #61 (3000 PSI) & Code #62 (6000 PSI). GS Global Resources offers three size options to chose from in both the Code #61 (3000 PSI) and Code #62 (6000 PSI): SAE to Split Flange Connector #12 SAE to 3/4 Flange #20 SAE to 1-1/4 Flange #24 SAE to 1-1/2 […]

    • Base Brackets BB, and Rubber Rings RR

      Hydraulic Accumulator Base Brackets & Rubber Rings, BB Standard Bayonet, B1, Extended Bayonet Specifications and more. Fits sizes from 1 gallon up to 25 gallons. Rubber bushing to reduce vibration and noise Compensation for thermal expansion and contraction Galvanized to resist corrosion Special sizes and designs are available upon request  

    • Bluetooth Wireless Sensors for Measuring Pre-Charge of Hydraulic Accumulators

      Protect Your System From Costly Downtime. These sensors for Accumulators are Bluetooth® sensors specifically designed to provide simple solutions for measuring gas pre-charge on bladder and piston style accumulators. Pre-charge loss can cause damage that negatively impacts your production and, ultimately, your bottom line. Compact, energy efficient and wireless, these sensors enable hands-off pre-charge pressure and temperature […]

    • Clamps for Hydraulic Accumulators

      Designed to Safely and Securely Support Accumulators in a Vertical or Horizontal Position. Only suitable for a stationary application. For accumulators working in a dynamic application such as rotating, please contact GS Global Resources for special clamps and support brackets. This series of clamps are designed to safely and securely support accumulators in a vertical […]

    • Flexible Separators Up to 70 Liters

      A Cost-Effective Solution For the Prevention of Contamination into Your Hydraulic System, Composed of a Flexible Membrane and Metallic Stem for Mounting In Your Hydraulic Systems Tank/Reservoir. These flexible separators FSC are a cost-effective solution for the prevention of contamination into a hydraulic system. Deteriorating hydraulic equipment fluid had been estimated to be responsible for […]

    • Hydraulic Accumulator Charging Kits

      Indispensable Instrument for the Verification, Pressurization, and Nitrogen Bleeding of  Hydraulic Accumulators. These charging kits an indispensable instrument for checking, adjusting or filling nitrogen (N2) into most of the hydraulic accumulators available on the market. Kits are supplied in a plastic carry case for added protection and portability. The kit includes different adaptors for accumulator […]

    • Hydraulic Bladder Kits & Spare Parts

      A Wide Range of Genuine Replacement Bladder Kits Available For The Reconditioning Of Your Accumulator. Hydraulic Bladder kits incorporate high-quality replacement parts which offer long and reliable life and can be used to replace bladders in accumulators as well as accumulators from top brands. Includes: Bladder Anti-extrusion ring assembly Fluid port seal A backup seal […]

    • Hydraulic Replacement Bladders and Kits

      3000 PSI/5000PSI – 207/345 Bar. GS Global Resources offers standard bladder kits from 1 liter (0.25 gals.) to 55 liter’s (15 gals.), along with a range of bladder materials. Nitrile (Buna N) Low Temp Nitrile EPDM FPM Sizes Volume (Gal): 1 Quart up to 15 Gallons. GS Global Resources offering accumulators that provide safety and […]

    • Port Adapters Split Flanges for Accumulators

      Code #61 (3000 PSI) & Code #62 (6000 PSI) GS Global Resources along with our suppliers provides safety and power in hydraulic systems as well as the accessories you need including clamps, mounting brackets, repair kits, and more. Split Flange Connectors for Accumulators offers three size options to chose from in both the Code #61 (3000 […]

    • Safety Blocks for Hydraulic Accumulators

      Safe Solution for Accumulator Maintenance and Operation. Featuring a complete range of Accumulator Safety Blocks for all standard and special applications. These carbon and stainless steel safety blocks include features to make the installation, operation, and maintenance of hydraulic accumulators convenient and safe. For example, the safety block can be used to isolate or shut down the […]

    • Support Brackets for Accumulators

      Quick and Easy Installation, Fabricated from Carbon and Stainless Steel. GS Global Resources selection of Accumulator Brackets are designed to safely and securely support accumulators in a vertical position. They are available for specific bladder, piston, hydracushion accumulators, and more. Model weights and sizes and can be designed for hostile environments with protective coatings. Brackets calculated […]