Stored Energy (in the form of Hydro-Pneumatic) Under Pressure, When You Need It.

A hydraulic component where system liquid is stored under pressure using a mechanical device, compressed gas, or weight to maintain pressure. Accumulators regenerate stored energy for system efficiency and considerable reduction of horsepower loss.

A simple hydraulic system consisting of a prime mover (usually an electric motor, diesel engine, or gas engine), pump, lines, control valves, actuators, and liquid hydraulic fluid cannot store energy. The prime mover must continually operate to keep the system energized.

Accumulators are the fluid power component in a system, that absorbs and stores the energy. This stored energy is used to produce limited flow to expand the pump output, or to supply fluid to operate the systems sub-circuits when the prime movers and pump are not operating.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) can provide the correct accumulator no matter what the application. We offer a wide range of products and technologies including bladder, diaphragm, piston, and gas bottle devices. Our engineering team will calculate the best style and fit for a cost-effective application solution.

For more detailed information on our hydraulic product offerings, feel free to browse our Allied Manufacturers website or Contact Us directly, to speak with one of our application specialists.

    • Parker A Series

      Parker Piston Accumulator, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 20,000 psi (1379 bar), 11750 Cu. in. (193 liter) Gas Volume. The Parker A Series Piston Accumulators are the optimal choice when fluid energy storage, absorption, auxiliary power, or supplemental pump flow is required. Customizable by size and pressure, piston accumulators can be uniquely designed to fit your […]

    • Parker ACP Series

      Crimped Piston Accumulators, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 5,000 psi (345 bar), Gas Volume Up to 488 Cu. In (8.00 Liters). The Parker ACP Series Crimped Piston Accumulators are an ideal alternative to diaphragms for industrial and mobile equipment, even in extreme conditions. This compact and economical design provides all the same advantages of a piston […]

    • Parker AD Series

      Diaphragm Accumulators, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 3000 to 3625 psi (210-250 bar), 0.075  to 2.80 Liter Gas Volume. The Parker AD Series Diaphragm Accumulators provide an affordable means of storing energy under pressure, absorbing hydraulic shocks, dampening pump pulsations/flow fluctuations. They provide dependable performance in a lightweight, compact design. Parker is the leading manufacturer of accumulators […]

    • Parker AP Series

      Industrial Piston Accumulator for High Performance Applications, Max. Operating Pressure 250/350 bar. Piston Accumulators up to 300 Liters volume, 360 mm Bore, 250 Bar & 350 Bar. The Paker AP Piston Accumulators offer quality design and premium technical features which guarantee optimum performance life. Parker’s AP piston accumulators are premium specifications are premium specification product design for use […]

    • Parker BA Series

      Bladder Accumulator, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 10,000 psi (690 bar), Up to 15 Gallons, and 56.8 L of Volume, Bottom & Top Repairable. The Parker BA Series Bladder Accumulator is excellent for storing energy under pressure, absorbing hydraulic shocks, and dampening pump pulsation and flow functions. They are a cost-effective option with fast response time […]

    • Parker BT Series

      Parker Transfer Barrier Accumulators, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 455 psi, Up to 56.7 Liters of Volume. The Parker Transfer Barrier (TB) Accumulators provide fluid separation where two different media must transfer pressure between each other without mixing. Also used as an accumulator in series with gas bottles where size constraints exist. Parker’s transfer barrier accumulator is […]

    • Parker Charging Kits

      VGU Indispensable Instrument for the Verification, Pressurization, and Nitrogen Bleeding of Most Parker Hydraulic Accumulators. The Parker Charging kit is an indispensable instrument for checking, adjusting or filling nitrogen (N2) into most of the hydraulic accumulators available on the market. Parker charging kits are supplied in a plastic carry case for added protection and portability. […]

    • Parker Clamps for Accumulators (AP)

      Designed to Safely and Securely Support Accumulators in a Vertical or Horizontal Position. Only suitable for a stationary application. For accumulators working in a dynamic application such as rotating, please contact GS Global Resources for special clamps and support brackets. Parker Clamps are designed to safely and securely support accumulators in a vertical or horizontal […]

    • Parker D1 Series Safety Blocks for Accumulators (AP)

      Parker (formerly Olaer), has developed a complete range of Accumulator Safety Blocks. The Parker D1 Series for all standard and special applications. An accumulator safety block provides a safe solution for accumulator maintenance and operation. Parker carbon and stainless steel safety blocks include features to make the installation, operation, and maintenance of hydraulic accumulators convenient […]

    • Parker DA Series

      Diaphragm Accumulators, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 350 bar, Gas Volume Up to 3.5 Liters, Compact and Lightweight. The Parker DA Diaphragm Accumulators are inexpensive, compact and lightweight and are ideally suited where weight and space is an important consideration, ideally suited for mobile-agricultural and construction markets. The DA diaphragm accumulator offers a reliable and […]

    • Parker DC Series

      Die Casting Series Piston Accumulators, Max. Operating Pressure 250 & 350, Max. Capacity 6 to 8o Liters. The Parker DC Series Die Casting Accumulator is a high speed accumulator specially designed for die casting and press applications. A wide range of bladder accumulators, gas bottles and accessories complete the parker line.

    • Parker EBV Series

      Parker Bladder Accumulator – Low Pressure, Max. Operating Pressure Up to 80 bar, Max. Flow Rate Up to 3000 Lpm. Designed for low-pressure fluid systems, the Parker EBV/IBV Bladder Accumulators are ideally suited for Energy, Process & Marine Markets. Available in volumes 0.5 to 575 liters, in carbon steel (20 to 80 bar), and in […]

    • Parker EHP Series

      Piston Accumulator, Pressures of 250 to 3,000 bar, Volume Capacity Up to 1350 liters. The Parker EHP Piston Accumulators are manufactured in Carbon & Stainless Steel and are available with a wide range of bore size to PED 2014/68/EU. Suitable for Industrial, Marine, Oil, Gas & Energy Applications (250 & 350 bar/up to 540 mm […]

    • Parker Flexible Separators FSC

      Flexible Separators Up To 70 Liters as Standard, A Cost-Effective Solution For the Prevention of Contamination into Your Hydraulic System, Composed of a Flexible Membrane and Metallic Stem for Mounting In Your Hydraulic Systems Tank/Reservoir. The Parker flexible separators FSC are a cost-effective solution for the prevention of contamination into a hydraulic system. Deteriorating hydraulic […]

    • Parker KVE Series Kleenvent

      Hydraulic Reservoir Isolator. The Parker KVE Kleenvent Hydraulic Reservoir Isolator is a maintenance-free alternative to traditional filler breathers, a KleenVent protects against the ingestion of airborne contamination and keeps the hydraulic fluid clean -extending oil life and reducing the overall cost of hydraulic system maintenance. Fluid contamination can lead to high maintenance costs and downtime in […]

    • Parker SBV3 Series

      Parker Pulsation Damper – Bladder Accumulator, Max. Operating Pressure 40 bar, Designed for Low Pressure Fuel Systems. The Parker SBV3 Pulsation Damper is specially designed for installation on low pressure fuel systems, typically in Marine and Power Generation applications, to attenuate pressure pulses ( up to 40 bar/2.5 liter). The patented technology offered by the SBV3 pulsation […]

    • Parker SensoNODE for Accumulators

      Long-Range Wireless Sensors for Measuring Pre-Charge, Protect Your System From Costly Downtime. Parker SensoNODE™ for Accumulators features Bluetooth® sensors specifically designed to provide simple solutions for measuring gas pre-charge on bladder and piston style accumulators. Pre-charge loss can cause damage that negatively impacts your production and, ultimately, your bottom line. Compact, energy efficient and wireless, […]

    • Parker Spart Parts- Bladder Kits

      A Wide Range of Genuine Parker Replacement Bladder Kits Available For The Reconditioning Of Your Parker Accumulator As Well As From Other Manufacturer’s. Genuine Parker Olaer bladder kits incorporate high-quality replacement parts which offer a long and reliable life. Parker bladder kits can be used to replace bladders in Parker accumulators as well as accumulators […]

    • Parker Support Brackets for Accumulators

      Quick and Easy Installation of Parker Accumulators, Fabricated from Carbon and Stainless Steel. Parker Accumulator Brackets are designed to safely and securely support accumulators in a vertical position. They are available for all accumulator (bladder, piston, hydracushion etc.) model weights and sizes and can be designed for hostile environments with protective coatings. Brackets calculated according […]

    • STAUFF Accumulator Accessories

      STAUFF stocks a comprehensive range of accessories for bladder and diaphragm accumulators. All accessories are designed for use with STAUFF accumulators to compliment your system’s application and design. The Stauff Diaphragm Accumulator STDA, and Bladder Accumulator STBA. ▪ Accumulator Clamps (to suit Bladder & Diaphragm Accumulators) ▪ Bladder Accumulator Supports ▪ Safety Blocks ▪ Burst & […]

    • STAUFF Accumulator Brackets, Type AMP & AMP/D

      STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories. STAUFF accumulators providing safety and power in hydraulic systems as well as the accessories you need including clamps, mounting brackets, repair kits, and more. Hydraulic Diaphragm Accumulators from Stauff Corporation have been in use in numerous branches of industry for many years and are proven components.

    • STAUFF Replacement Bladders STB

      STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories. STAUFF accumulators providing safety and power in hydraulic systems as well as the accessories you need including clamps, mounting brackets, repair kits, and more. Hydraulic Diaphragm Accumulators from Stauff Corporation have been in use in numerous branches of industry for many years and are proven components. Bladder Kit Includes: Bladder with a […]

    • STAUFF STBA Series

      Bladder Accumulators, Operating Pressure Up to 400 bar, Capacity Up to 55 liters. The STAUFF STBA Series Bladder Accumulator assemblies consist of three key components; shell, bladder, oil port assembly, and are available in sizes 1-55 Ltrs with pressures up to 400 bar. STAUFF bladder accumulators can be used in applications such as pulsation dampening, surge […]

    • STAUFF STDA Series

      Diaphragm Accumulators, Operating Pressure to 3600 psi, Capacity up to 3.5 Liters. The STAUFF STDA Series Piston Accumulator are ideal for mobile hydraulics and light industrials. The STDA accumulator is a compact and lightweight design. The STDA offers a fast response time, absorbs shock, is contamination tolerant, supplements pump flow, and extends system life. The STAUFF […]