• Eaton General Purpose – AC/DC Rated

      For Small Motor Switch Applications. Eaton AC/DC Rated General Purpose Toggles are available in one or two-pole design and are constructed of Thermoset molding base material. These switches are especially suited for use in small motor applications. The AC/DC Rated General Purpose line of switches for use in small motor applications employs a Quick-make/Quick-break contact […]

    • Eaton General Purpose – AC Rated

      Offering the Widest Selection of Features – Variety of Applications. Eaton AC Rated General Purpose sealed toggle switches are available from one to four-pole design. These AC rated toggle switches offer the widest selection of features and the design flexibility to meet a variety of applications. AC Rated General Purpose Toggles are constructed of thermoset […]

    • Eaton Heavy Duty Hesitation Switches

      Antiplugging, Hesitation, Positive Stop or Positive Off Switch. The most common application for the Eaton Heavy Duty Hesitation is to help prevent motor damage resulting from the high current generation by counter EMF of the armature at the time of reversing. This type of device is referred to as an anti-plugging, hesitation, positive stop or […]

    • Eaton Illuminated AC Rated Switches

      Single-Pole Circuitry. Eaton Illuminated AC Rated Toggle Switches are constructed of a silver-plated copper contact material and spade—brass terminal types. The base material is a colored thermoplastic paddle lever. On the sealed versions, a silicone rubber seal is fitted to the paddle lever to provide a moisture and dust-resistant seal between the lever and bushing. […]

    • Eaton Military Purpose

      Designed to Meet the Requirements of MIL-S-83731. The switch mechanisms of military purpose toggles are completely enclosed to resist the entrance of contaminants into the switch. All metal parts are plated to resist corrosion. The heavy duty switches are offered in both standard toggle lever and lever lock versions. Circuit designations are stamped on the […]

    • Eaton X Series

      Single-Pole Circuitry. Eaton’s new, competitively priced, AC rated X Series toggles offer a standard high rating for both single- and two-pole applications. The new X Series toggle line offers a wide range of switching circuits, functions and accessories. Ratings for single- and two-pole include 20A at 125 Vac and 10A at 277 Vac to handle […]