Electronic Switch Modules

    • Eaton E31_esm Keypad Multiplexed

      Flexible and Sealed Solution for High-Density Switch Requirements in Severe Environments. The Eaton E31-ems keypad offers an increased degree of sealing to IP68 from the front and rear of the module, the keypad electronic multiplex switch module (eSM E31) meets severe environment applications with exceptional operator feedback; tactile, audible and visual with up to four […]

    • Eaton E32_esm Multiplexed Rocker

      Above-Panel Electronic Multiplex Switch Module. The Eaton_esm Multiplexed Rocker offers a high level of flexibility, the above-panel electronic multiplex switch module (eSM E32) covers your wide range of switch and indicator applications using standard or custom graphics, as well as a full range of circuits and illumination options. The above panel eSM E32 has top, […]

    • Eaton E33_esm

      Electronic Switch Modules – Locking Rocker Options, Palm Guard Option. The Eaton E33-esmĀ  is designed to support harsh environmental applications, the Eaton E33 eSM offers sealing to IP68 and offers additional features including guarded and locking rockers. The E33 eSM also provides flexibility of up to 24 switches per CAN node and exceptional visual feedback […]