Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact.

An inductive sensor detects metallic objects without requiring physical contact with the targets to be sensed. GS Global Resources offers a broad range of robust inductive sensors to suit a wide variety of industrial applications.

Providing sensor solutions in inductive, photoelectric and capacitive designs, as well as mechanical limit switches, proximity sensors, and even electrical current/voltage switches. Regardless of whether the application is in the machine building sector, packaging technology, the food industry or materials handling, our sensor solutions are used wherever positions have to be measured accurately and reliably.

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    • Eaton Accuprox Series

      Inductive Proximity Sensor. Measures Objects As Far As 25 Millimeters From Sensor Face, Outputs Available in Current (4-20 or 0-20 mA), and Voltage (0-10V). Eaton’s AccuProx sensors are a high-performance analog inductive sensor.  The AccuProx family of analog sensors provides unmatched measurement range, linearity, and accuracy in an affordable and compact tubular package. Unlike standard inductive […]

    • Eaton E51 Modular Limit Switch Style Sensors

      Automation and Control, Inductive Proximity Sensor, High-Performance Limit Switch-Style For Harsh Industrial Applications. High-Performance With Modular, Plug-In Components Provide Application Flexibility, Ease of Maintenance, Less Downtime, And Reduced Inventory. With Eaton’s E51 Limit Switch-Style Sensors you can choose from two-wire sensors with AC/DC operation or four-wire sensors in either AC or DC styles. Connection options […]

    • Eaton E51. Factory Sealed 6P+ Versions Modular Limit Switch Style Sensors

      Inductive Proximity Sensor, Fully Sealed & Pre-Weird, Designed Specifically to Ensure Reliability Under The Most Adverse Of Environmental Conditions. The Eaton E51 Series 6P+ inductive proximity sensors are fully sealed, pre-wired and designed specifically to ensure reliability under the most adverse environmental conditions. Proven to withstand the penetrating properties of dirt, dust, grit, extreme temperatures […]

    • Eaton E57 Two-Wire AC and 2-wore AC/DC Proximity Sensors

      Stainless Steel Body (Standard Length), Stainless Steel Short Body, Nickel-Brass Body Inductive Proximity Sensors With NPN or PNP Cable Connections or Micro Connectors. The Eaton E57 series provides application flexibility by offering 2-wire inductive proximity sensors with either AC or AC/DC sourcing. This group of sensors is further divided into the Global and Premium + […]

    • Eaton iProx Series

      Powerful and Versatile Inductive Proximity Sensors, Integrated Microprocessor with Unique Smart Sense™ Technology, Large Detection Range. The Eaton iProx sensor is synonymous with high-performance and versatility. Thousands of satisfied customers have used iProx to solve their toughest inductive sensing challenges. With a broad product offering of more than 100 catalog models in four-wire DC and two-wire […]