Sensors and Transducers

Advanced Sensor Technology for Mobile and Industrial Applications.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) offers a wide range of electronic and industrial sensors and transducers that are designed for harsh operating environments including explosion proof applications. Our wide range of sensing options applies to any application from sophisticated non-contact sensing solutions to rugged mechanically actuated switches.

Our advanced technology in sensors works to enhance your productivity and profitability. We offer the broadest range and latest technology of advanced sensors that meet a broad range of mobile and industrial applications. Our J1939 3-axis inclinometers and true non-contact rotary position sensor offering utilize patented technology not found anywhere else. Boom position angle sensors and load feedback devices, such as pressure transducers or load cells, provide the operator with accurate and safe load management as a part of total machine control.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the future of business. Sensors, monitors, and other Internet-connect devices are increasingly being used to track, monitor and control physical objects. If you have concerns or are looking for answers or how to integrate systems, we can help.

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