Remote Monitoring and Telematics

Reduce Cost and Difficulty In Servicing & Coordinating Vehicles/Machines.

GS Global Resources knowledge in telematics, allows machine operators to take full advantage of machine data, ultimately helping OEM’s and the end user to be competitive and efficient.

GS Global Resources (GSGR) and our suppliers have the next-generation interface for global communication with connectivity options available at the site – choose from  GSM, GRPS, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and multiple local networking options – CAN, Ethernet, RS-485, etc.  Global CAN communication that monitors and maintains your machine. Remote diagnostic current vs. future state, project deliverables, project timeline and maintains machine performance data. GSGRs off-highway telematics and engineered solutions are designed specifically for the off-highway vehicle (OHV) industry and come with many benefits.

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    • Parker IQAN-G3

      Remote Diagnostic Module – Multiple Band Radio Modem. Parker’s IQAN-G3 is a multiple band radio modem. It is designed to transmit and receive information from devices connected to an IQAN system via a cellular link according to GSM and UMTS standards. The G3 also can receive GNSS (GPS) position data. Parker’s IQAN-G3 is a modem […]

    • Parker IQAN-G11

      Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions Brings IoT-like Connectivity to the Machine Control World. The IQAN-G11 Bluetooth adapter offers on-site short range or off-site remote diagnostic access to machines by wireless communication when used together with IQAN software tools. The IQAN-G11 is designed to transmit wireless diagnostic data from the IQAN system to a smartphone with IQANsync or […]

    • Proemion CAN-Logger Series 5000

      Online Web Portal and a Live Diagnostics Tool- CAN Data Worldwide. Transmit all Machine Data Remotely in Real-time- Anywhere. Anytime. Connected. Telematics solutions for mobile machines,. Analyze and record your CAN data remotely – worldwide with the sophisticated Proemion Telematics Solutions.  Choose from three (3) available modules, each offering different features. Optimally suitable for all […]

    • STW ESX-TC3

      Linux Based Teleservice Module with Integrated Antennas. The STW Technic, LP ESX – TC3 brings the latest in Telematics technology to the harsh environments of off-road work. The supplied multi-tasking operating system is the foundation for the application software, which is quickly released in an open source development environment. The hardware offers two CAN interfaces […]

    • STW ESX-TC3G

      A Linux Operating System, an Extensive Board Support Package & a Telematics Application Framework that Provides Powerful Tools for Telematics. The ESX – TC3G is the latest addition to STW’s Telematics line. It is based on the highly successful ESX-TC3 controller. The major enhancements are the addition of 3G and CDMA capabilities to the existing […]