Parker IQAN Software

Parker’s easy to use IQAN software studios cover all phases of a machine’s lifecycle, from development through production to after sales.


    • Creative Software – IQAN

      Quick Overview IQAN is a state-of-the-art system, developed by Parker Hannifin, for electronically controlling and monitoring hydraulics in mobile machines. IQAN communicates with the other systems in the machinery, such as diesel engines and transmission systems. IQAN master units display data from these systems and also allows control of them. IQAN is user-programmable via a […]

    • Parker IQAN-Active Studio

      Mobile Controller Software – IQAN Active Studio. IQAN Active studio is a software package for service and production personnel. It includes tools for machine diagnostics, setup, and simulation.   IQANrun may be used by the service department and can be adapted to feature machine-specific procedures for maintenance, fault finding, and web supported machine upgrades, while […]

    • Parker IQAN-Creative Studio

      Mobile Controller Software – IQAN Creative Studio. IQAN Creative studio is a user-programmable software package for the R&D department. It includes tools for application development, simulation, and initial setup. IQANdesign a high-level graphical design tool which simplifies application development for your mobile machine and reduces development time IQANsimulate a simulation tool, which simplifies function test, […]

    • Parker IQAN-Productive Studio

      Mobile Controller Software – IQAN Productive Studio. IQAN Productive studio is a software package for the manufacturing and service departments. It includes development tools for customization and automation of production and maintenance processes.  

    • Parker IQAN-Software Downloads

      Mobile Controller Software. Parker IQAN software studios cover all phases of a machine’s life cycle, from development through production to after sales.     Parker’s IQAN Studio software delivers easy to use graphical programming where time to market and ease of development is key. It allows users with no programming experience to quickly write applications […]

    • Parker IQAN Software Studios Software Tools

      Electronic Control Systems – Machine Life Cycle. Having previously been a traditional purchase/sales component, today’s control system involves the whole chain of a machine’s life, known as its life-cycle cost. LCC plays an increasingly strong role in the end user’s decision. It is no longer based on just the upfront product cost. This puts new […]

    • Parker IQANrun for Tablets

      It enables service technicians or machine owners to connect wireless to IQAN modules in their machines and perform actions such as check system status, view logs, measure in real time and change settings. Connect via WiFi, Bluetooth or Internet to your IQAN system. All data you see is live and in real time. IQANrun for […]

    • Parker IQAN® Connect

      Simplifying Development. Maximizing Performance. A Totally Electronic Approach that Replaces Mechanical and Electromechanical Systems for Controlling and Monitoring Hydraulics in Mobile Machines.   Parker IQAN® Connect Delivers Next-Generation Electro-Hydraulic Control and Asset Management Using standard SAE J1939 protocol, IQAN Connect integrates Parker’s intelligent hydraulic components with electronic control hardware and software to create a seamless […]