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    • CrossControl CCpilot VS

      12″ Sunlight Readable Display Computer. CCpilot VS is a 12” full-color display with a powerful ARM CPU. The open LinX software platform offers a choice of powerful tools for application development. This, together with a WXGA high brightness display with optical bonding and hardware accelerated 2D, 3D and vector graphics, enables the fast design of […]

    • CrossControl CCpilot XL

      12.1-inch High-Performance On-Board PC-Based Touch-Screen Display Computer. CCpilot XL is a 12” PC-based touch-screen display computer with Intel i7 core and Win7 image for efficient deployment of advanced HMI systems and applications. The XL has been on the market for more than 10 years, gradually upgraded in performance and features to provide a robust and […]

    • CrossControl CCpilot XM

      10.4″, 12.1″PC-Based, All Integrated Controller. The CrossControl CCpilot XM is a powerful Atom-based main controller and communication gateway with a rich set of wired and wireless interfaces. CrossCore XM is a PC-based low power, a fan-less controller with a wealth of integrated functions. With its Intel Atom CPU with Windows XP or Linux, it is […]

    • CrossControl CCpilot XS

      10.4 and 12 inch J1939 Display TFT with Capacitive Touch-Screen The Maximatecc XS is an ARM-based touch screen display computer that provides the screen capabilities, interfaces and computing power to form integrated HMI systems for industrial vehicles. The open software application platform for GUI, controls, diagnostics and mobile connectivity enables the easy realization of total […]

    • Maximatecc XM2

      10.4″, 12.1″ PC-based touch screen display computer. The Maximatecc XM2 s a 10” and 12” PC-based touch screen display computer for creating advanced HMI systems where process controls, video monitoring and other operator support functionalities are integrated. The open software platform has a choice of tools for application engineering. This, together with XGA resolution and […]

    • Parker IQAN-MD4-10.1″ Touch Screen

      10.1-inch Display with Touch Screen and Master Controller. Parker’s IQAN-MD4 is a family of master display units with touchscreen capability and video inputs. The displays are fully programmable for use in any machine application as a master controller. The IQAN-MD4 master displays have a rugged mechanical design with no moving parts and are completely sealed. […]

    • Parker Pro Display 10″

      HMI Display Module 10.1-in. IPS LCD with a Capacitive Touch Screen. Parker Pro Display 10 is an apps-based HMI (Human Machine Interface) product for mobile machines and vehicles. Pro Display 10 provides the possibility of having one centralized HMI display in the vehicle cabin for machine functionality, diagnostics, efficiency tools, infotainment and entertainment, and much […]

    • Parker UX Toolkit Software Tools

      Increase productivity of your machine by having a centralized control unit that is amazingly user-friendly. Parker offers the tools to create a premium human machine interface (HMI) for your machine. It is an agricultural, bus, construction or forestry solution; you can combine all essential applications into one easy-to-use HMI display. Include all the functions your […]