Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring (CM)

Strategic Maintenance – Leveraging Real-Time Machine Data to Proactively Manage Equipment and Productivity.

On-Board and Remote Diagnostics
A trend towards “smarter” sensors and actuators driven by system flexibility and improved reliability. Engine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis Functions continue to grow with technology-driven from the rapid growth in the automobile industry – where people along with the younger generation who are growing up Tech Savvy –  are demanding more and more from their operator experience. GS Global Resources offers solutions for on-site short range or remote diagnostic access to machines by wireless communications together with IQAN software tools. With today’s leading technology it is easy to perform diagnostics on a machine on-site or remotely.

Condition Monitoring (CM)
The monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery, (e.g. vibration, temperature, etc.) to identify a significant change. Using today’s advanced technologies works toward determining your equipment’s condition, along with potentially predicting failure before it occurs. Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery. A significant change in the status of the machine is indicative of a developing failure.

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    • Parker IQAN-G11

      Bluetooth Connectivity Solutions Brings IoT-like Connectivity to the Machine Control World. The IQAN-G11 Bluetooth adapter offers an on-site short range or off-site remote diagnostic access to machines by wireless communication when used together with IQAN software tools. The IQAN-G11 is designed to transmit wireless diagnostic data from the IQAN system to a smartphone with IQANsync […]

    • Schroeder TCM Series

      Contamination Sensor Modules, Measures Particles in Four Sizes >4, >6, >14, >21. The Schroeder TestMate Contamination Monitor (TCM) continuously measures solid contamination in hydraulic fluid. Enclosed in a 4-inch diameter case, the TCM utilizes an optical sensor and measures particles in four sizes: >4, >6, >14, and  >21 microns. Measurements results can be output as […]

    • Stauff PT-RF Pressure Transmitter and Reader

      Wireless Pressure Testing System. The Stauff PT-RF series of pressure transmitters are an alternative solution for universal pressure measurements for fluid technology applications, which will provide benefits for system operators, maintenance personnel, and repair technicians as well as for original equipment manufacturers. The advantages resulting from the use of the new technology for system operators, […]