Camera Systems

Commercial Grade camera systems for heavy equipment, farm equipment, mining equipment, utility vehicles and more.

The latest technology – cameras provide greater safety as the operator has a better view of the load and is less dependent on the instructions of his contact person on the ground. If for example, the load should become unbalanced while being lifted, the operator will be able to see this immediately and be able to take action much faster.

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    • GSGR GS16275-4xx Surface Mount – Machine

      High-Resolution Charge-Coupled Device Optics, 90° Field of View. The GS Global Resources mobile machine Ethernet IP camera, GS16275-4xx surface mount machine camera, features a high-resolution charge-coupled device (CCD) optics for outstanding picture quality. An IP69 environmental rating allows for ultimate reliability. An ultra wide angle lens and infrared night (IR) vision for high performance in […]

    • Parker IQAN-SV

      An Ethernet (IP) Camera that Provides a Vision System to Vehicles Using the Parker IQAN-MD4 Family of Master Display Modules. The Parker IQAN-SV is a new generation of digital, high-resolution IP camera using an Ethernet video link to work together withParker IQAN-MD4 master displays. Settings and control of the Parker IQAN-SV camera are easily accomplished […]