Williams WM-580

A Hand-operated CAN-bus Joystick Device that Offers Single or Dual-Axis Control.

The Curtiss-Wright (Williams Controls) WM-580 CAN-bus joystick is a hand-operated device that offers single or dual-axis control. During the design, Williams Controls worked directly with equipment operators on product designs under the supervision of a kinesiologist. The resulting grip and control options are designed to minimize user fatigue and repetitive stress risk, while maximizing comfort.

The WM-580 CAN-bus joystick provides variable control over attached devices and mechanisms of off-highway vehicles. The inputs to the joystick are via motions in the X- and Y-directions. The input motions are limited to 20° in both the X- and Y-directions and 27° in directions off axes (corner to corner). Additional operator inputs may come by way of pushbuttons, thumbwheel, or trigger. All outputs are via the CAN J1939 protocol. A fully potted circuit board provides trouble-free performance in high-moisture environments, as well as superior resistance to shock, vibration, and chemical exposure. Watertight electronics are encapsulated to IP67 and meet best-in-class life-cycle ratings.

With over fifty variations of the standard WM-580, Williams has intuitive grips and control button configurations which meet almost any application need.

Ergonomically shaped

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Sensor Type Hall effect -
Sealing IP68S, IPX9K -
Grip/Shaft Movement X - and Y - axis +20° to - 20° with ±2° dead band at neutral, o ff axes +27° to - 27 -
Grip Spring Force 10.5N breakout ( X - or Y - axis -
Shaft Spring Force 25.5N full stroke ( X - or Y - axis ) -
Life Expectancy >10 million cycle 1 cycle equivalent to crossing X - or Y - axis
Rated Load 1000N applied 120m From pivot point


Absolute Maximum Supply Voltage -24Vdc to 175Vdc -
Operating Supply Voltage 8-48Vdc -
Supply Current 150mA max
EMC SAE J1113 Class IV for EMI -
CAN Control CAN-bus SAE J1939 Protocol CAN-bus output
Protocol SAE J1939 -
Connection Lead to Deutsche DTM Other options available


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C 5 thermal shock cycles
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
Environmental Protection IP67 EMC Tested to SAE J1113


Programming Definition CAN-bus output J1939 protocol


Configurable and Customizable: - -
Hall effect, non-contact thumbwheels -
Full range of button colors -
Optional trigger switch
Up to 6 buttons in multiple button panel layouts -
Right or left grip orientations -
Single-axis travel -
Over press detents at end of travel -
Meets or Exceeds the Following Standards: - -
24-hour dust exposure 5 humidity test cycles
Exposure to antifreeze, diesel and brake fluid -
1 meter mechanical drop test -
Random broad ban vibration 5-500Hz, 4.0Gs -
5 thermal shock cycles -40°C to 85°C -
Powered during 96-hour salt spray exposure -

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