Williams Controls WM-554

Electronic Suspended Pedal designed for commercial and industrial vehicle applications.

The Williams Controls’ WM-554 Electronic Suspended Pedal is designed for commercial and industrial vehicle applications.

The unit is equipped with a Hall-effect, non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). The WM-554 is available with a nominal, 19.5° angular rotation. The Throttle Control has an engineered plastic body and lever arm. The mounting bracket is made out of coated steel.

Both lever arm and bracket can be customized to optimize driver ergonomics

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Operating Force (at 200mm from pivot point) Idle= 17N, Full Travel = 35N -
Static Load 667N @ 200mm -
Vibration Random broadband up to 4g (3-axis, 3 hr. each axis,) -
Product Life Full travel cycles 3,000,000
Travel Angle Degrees 19° angular rotation


Electronics Seal Integrity Electronics IP67 sealed (IEC 60529)
Output Signal Dual APS -


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +105°C -
Humidity 95% RH for 120 hours 27°C to +75°C
Sand/Dust Tested to SAE J1455 -


Materials Base plate Corrosion resistant plated steel
Foot treadle Composite plastic
Body castings Composite plastic

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