Williams Controls WM-540

Suspended Electronic Accelerator.

The Williams WM-540 electronic suspended pedal is firewall mounted and designed to provide an electrical signal to an engine control module in response to the operator’s demand for engine power. The WM-540 is equipped with a Hall effect, non-contact sensor that can be programmed for analog output and/or integrated switches. The electronics are IP67 sealed and highly EMI resistant (SAE J1113). In addition, the unit can be customized with contact or PWM output sensors. The robust design includes a corrosion-resistant, cast-aluminum housing and a coated-steel mounting bracket. Brackets can be modified to meet different mounting requirements. Standard bent-steel lever rods can accommodate a variety of pedal placements, and a customized 3/16” steel plate lever is available for high static-load requirements.


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Axis Options Single axis -
Pedal Angle (Degrees) 45º angle 19.5º pedal travel
Static Load (Lbs/Newtons) - -
Life Cycles 5,000,000 Full travel cycles
Locks-Detents - -


Resolution Virtually infinite Controller dependent
Supply Voltage (Vdc) 5.0Vdc -
Output Control Signal-Potentiometric or Hall Effect Hall effect 0.5 to 4.5Vdc Many engine option solutions
Output Voltage Range % Ratio metric 13 to 77 % Vs
Directional Safety Switches Safety limit switch option -
Connection Amp connector Refer to brochure


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
Environmental Protection IP67 IEC 60529


Treadle Options Rubber cover -
Output Controls None -
Other Body cast aluminum/mounting plate coated steel -

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