Parker Connector Kits – VMM and CM Connectors

Deutsch DT Connector Kit for Parker VMM1615 and CM2115.

Parker’s connector kits for VMM and CM controller modules contain all housing parts, terminals, and seals for each controller’s mating connector. There are Delphi, AMP Superseal, Deutsch, and Molex connector kits.

Number of Positions: 12+12+12+12

Parker’s VMM and CM connector kits are an easy way to get all the parts needed to quickly interface to a controller’s mating connector. The types of connectors used in the VMM and CM products are:

• AMP Superseal
• Delphi Metripack connectors
• Deutsch DT transportation connectors
• Deutsch DTM mini transportation connectors
• Molex MX150 connectors

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  • Specifications
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    Connections: - -
    AMP Superseal -
    Delphi Metripack connectors -
    Duetsch DT transportation connectors -
    Deutsch DTM mini transportation connectors -
    Molex MX150 connectors -
    Perfect for prototyping or field service use, the kits contain all housing, contacts and seals for each VMM or CM module's connector. -

    Features & Benefits

    All necessary parts included in kits -
    Easy to source as a single part number to save time for prototypes or service -


    Supplied in a poly bag. The individual pins, seals or other parts are not sold separately
    - -


    Mobile -
    Transportation -


    Any Mobile Equipment or Vehicle -
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