Vacon® X Series – X4, X5

High IP, Type, NEMA AC Drive.

The VACON® X Series is a rugged family of variable speed AC drives, built and designed for harsh industrial environments. IP66/UL Type 4X and IP55/UL Type 3R enclosures are available for the ultimate protection from potential hazards such as moisture, dust or extreme temperatures.

VACON X4 and VACON X5 offer high performance and a load of features for a broad range of industrial or outdoor applications with capabilities ranging from simple press-and-run keypad operation to a real-time clock, advanced PLC functions, and a USB port interface.

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Power Range (High Overload) - -
1 x 110-120 V. . . 1/2 HP (0.37 kW) -
1 x 200-230 V. . . 3 to 10 HP (2.2 - 7.5 kW) -
3 x 208-240 V. . . 1/2 to 20 HP (0.37 - 15 kW) -
- 3 x 380-480 V. . 1/2 to 150 HP (0.37 - 110 kW) -
- 3 x 575 V. . . . . .  1/2 to 150 HP (0.37 -110 kW) -
Built-in Sequencer The VACON X series features a built-in multistep sequencer that can replace a small PLC in many applications. X4 supports 9 steps and X5 supports 25 steps -


ARTIC Mode Maintains safe operating temperature in cold locations -
Robust Enclosure The VAON X Series features best in class UL Type 4X, Indoor/Outdoor certified enclosure through 75HP -


Features - -
Withstands 1,000 PSI wash-down from 6 inches away on models though 30 HP
Withstands 1000 PSI wash-down from 12 inches away on models through 100HP
Thick injected foam and metal covers protect against bumps and misuse
Bolt-in 9-step PLC function
Dynamic Breaking resistors included as standard
Benefits -
Toughest enclosures able to withstand power washing
Intuitive programming and smart user interface make series easy to adopt
Advanced process options for precise control and flexibility


Modbus RTU as standard fieldbus communications -
Real-time clock (RTC) -


Mining -
Industrial -


Outdoor -

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