VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled

Robust, Silent And Space-Saving Control For All Drive Needs In Demanding Applications.

Up to 25% savings in total life cycle costs compared to air-cooled solutions. The VACON® NXP Liquid-cooled AC drives can be used in many combinations, from a single dedicated frequency converter to large-scale common DC bus systems. Packed with features, these fully standardized drives maximize the utilization of space while minimizing overall lifecycle costs.

As a high degree of protection (IP54 or higher) can easily be achieved with these drives, they can be installed almost anywhere in a plant or on a vessel. This eliminates the load on air-conditioning systems in electrical rooms reducing costs and installation time and makes them ideal for retrofitting.

Servicing is fast and easy. Features such as safe torque off (STO) and safe stop 1 (SS1) improve safety, and conformal coated circuit boards enhance reliability.

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    Supply Voltages and Power Range - -
    3 x 380-500 V...132-4100 kW -
    3 x 525-690 V...110-5300 kW -


    Ambient Conditions - -
    Ambient operating temperature –10 °C (no frost)…+50 °C (at Ith); The NX liquid cooled drives must be used in an heated indoor controlled environment
    Installation temperature 0…+70 °C
    Storage temperature –40 °C…+70 °C; no liquid in heatsink under 0 °C
    Relative humidity 5 to 96% RH, non-condensing, no dripping water
    Air quality No corrosive gases
    Chemical vapous IEC 60721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3C2
    Mechanical particles IEC 60721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3S2 (no conductive dust allowed)
    Altitude NX_5: (380…500 V): 3000 m ASL; in case network is not corner grounded NX_6/NX_8: (525…690 V) max. 2000 m ASL. For further requirements, contact factory 100% load capacity (no derating) up to 1,000 m; above 1,000 m derating of maximum ambient operating temperature by 0,5 °C per each 100 m is required
    Vibration 5…150 Hz
    EN50178/EN60068-2-6 Displacement amplitude 0.25 mm (peak) at 3…31 Hz Max acceleration amplitude 1 G at 31…150 Hz
    Shock EN50178, EN60068-2-27 UPS Drop Test (for applicable UPS weights) Storage and shipping: max 15 G, 11 ms (in package)
    Enclosure class IPOO / standard in entire kW/HP range


    Software Modularity - -
    All-in-One application package Seven bulit-in software applications


    High-Performance Control Platfe For All Demanding Drive Applications - -
    Excellent processing and calculation power -
    Supports induction and permanent magnet motors -
    Maximum utilization of control features over wide power and voltage range -
    Build-in PLC functionality -
    Integration of customer-specific functionalities -
    - -
    Option Boards (Vacon® control provides exceptional modularity) - -
    5 plug-in extension slots -
    Fieldbus boards -
    IO boards -
    Easy plug-in without need to remove other components -
    - -
    Fieldbus Options (easy integration with plant automation systems) - -
    DeviceNet™ -
    Modbus RTU -
    CAN-Open -
    - -
    Ethernet Connectivity (Ethernet connectivity allows remote drive access for monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting) - -
    Modbus/TCP -
    EtherNet/IP™ -
    EtherCAT -
    - -
    Key Features: - -
    Optimized design with power range up to 5 MW -
    All standard protection components included -
    Silent design with no large cooling fans needed -
    Leakage detector -
    AFE technology -
    Pre-engineered solution with all-liquid-cooled design (including filters) -
    Cooling system monitoring -
    - -
    Key Benefits: - -
    Saves floor space and infrastructure needs -
    Saves time and money in installation -
    Faster and easier servicing -
    Improves safety -
    Enhances reliability -
    Low harmonic input -
    Low harmonic input -


    With Drive Via: - -
    RS232 -
    Ethernet TCP/IP -
    CAN (fast multiple drive monitoring) -
    CAN@Net (remote monitoring) -


    Marine and Offshore -
    Renewable Energy -
    Mining and Metals -
    Water and Wastewater -
    Energy Management -
    Pulp and Paper -
    Oil and Gas -
    Machine Building -


    Heavy Industries with Harsh Operating Conditions -
    Propeller and Thrusters Systems -
    Compressors -
    Wind Turbines -
    Extruders -
    Pumps and Fans -
    Power Conversion Systems -
    Production Lines -
    Oil Rigs -
    Crushers -
    Conveyors -
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