VACON® NXP Air Cooled

Precise and Powerful Performance.

VACON® NXP Air Cooled drives offer precision and power to applications that require a robust and dynamic performance. Available in a complete power range up to 2 MW, they are provided as wall-mounted, standalone enclosed and IP00 modules.

The drives provide optimized motor control for both induction and permanent magnet motors, and gearless drive applications and paralleling solutions for high-power motors. Fast Fieldbus options and exceptional programming flexibility ensure the drives are easily integrated into any plant’s automation system. Engineering time and costs can be saved due to the high number of standardized options and reduced system complexity.


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    Frame Size - -
    VACON® NXP Wall-Mounted Units - -
    Equipped with internal EMC filtering, and the power electronics are integrated into an all-metal frame. The smaller frame sizes (FR4-FR6) have an integrated brake chopper as standard, and the 380-500 V units can be equipped with an integrated brake resistor. The larger frames (FR7-FR12) can be equipped with an integrated brake chopper as an option The VACON® NXP wall-mounted is one of the most compact and comprehensive drive packages on the market, with all the necessary components integrated in a single frame. For the lower power range, VACON NXP drives are available in a compact IP21 or IP54 frame
    - -
    VACON® NXP Drive Module - -
    High-power IP00 drive modules are intended for installation into a cabinet, switchgear or any separate enclosure. Module installation in standard enclosures is easy given the compact design Designed to fit VACON NXP drive modules of frame size FR10 – FR12 embody one (FR10 and FR11) or two (FR12) power modules. VACON NXP frame sizes FR13 – FR14 comprise two to four non-regenerative front-end (NFE) units and one (FR13) or two (FR14) inverter units. External AC chokes are also included in the delivery. The VACON NXP modules are available as both 6-pulse and 12-pulse supply versions
    - -
    VACON® NXP Stand-Alone - -
    Premium VACON® NXP drives are also available in standalone IP21 or IP54 enclosures. These units are delivered in a compact enclosure, making them perfect for areas with limited space, while still providing full VACON NXP control flexibility VACON NXP standalone drives are fully enclosed at the factory and ready for immediate installation. The drive is ideal for pumps, fans and other single drive applications. The drive has integrated fuses as standard and no extra protection components are required. It is also possible to equip the drive with an optional integrated load switch, which further simplifies handling in the field
    - -
    - -


    Supply Voltages and Power Range - -
    3 x 208-240 V...0.55-90 kW -
    3 x 380-500 V...1.5-1200 kW -
    3 x 525-690 V...2.0-2000 kW -


    Ambient Conditions - -
    Ambient operating temperature – 10 °C (no frost)…+50 °C: IH (≥FR10 + 40 °C) – 10 °C (no frost)…+40 °C: IL
    Storage temperature -40°C - +70°C
    Relative humidity 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing, non-corrosive, no dripping water
    - -
    Air quality: IEC 60721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3C2
    – chemical vapors Tested in accordance with IEC60068-2-60, Method I C CH2 and SO2
    - mechanical particles IEC 60721-3-3, unit in operation, class 3S2
    - -
    Altitude 100% load capacity (no derating) up to 1000 m 1% derating for each 100 m above 1000 m; max. 4866 m (690 V max. 2000 m)
    Vibration EN 50178/EN 60068-2-6 5...150 Hz: Displacement amplitude 1 mm (peak) at 5…15.8 Hz (≥FR10: 0.25 mm (peak) at 5…31 Hz) Max acceleration amplitude 1 G at 15.8…150 Hz (≥FR10: 1 G at 31…150 Hz)
    Shock EN 50178, EN 60068-2-27 UPS Drop Test (for applicable UPS weights) Storage and shipping: max 15 G, 11 ms (in package)


    All-In-One Application Package - -
    The All-in-One application package has seven built-in software applications, which can be selected with one parameter In addition to the All-in-One package, we offer several segment specific and advanced applications such as System Interface application, Marine application, Lift application and Shaft Synchronization application for more demanding uses


    Functional Safety: - -
    Safe Torque Off, Safe Stop 1 - -
    Safe Torque Off (STO) Available for all VACON® NXP drives. It prevents the drive from generating torque on the motor shaft and prevents unintentional start-ups. The function also corresponds to an uncontrolled stop in accordance with stop category 0, EN60204-1
    Safe Stop 1 (SS1) Initiates the motor deceleration and initiates the STO function after an application specific time delay. The function also corresponds to a controlled stop in accordance with stop category 1, EN 60204-1. The advantage of the integrated STO and SS1 safety options compared to standard safety technology using electromechanical switchgear is the elimination of separate components and the effort required to wire and service them, while still maintaining the required level of safety at work
    - -
    ATEX Certified Thermistor Input An ATEX approved thermistor input is available as an integrated option. Certified and compliant with the European ATEX directive 94/9/EC, the integrated thermistor input is specially designed for the temperature supervision of motors that are placed in areas in which potentially explosive gas, vapor, mist or air mixtures are present and areas with combustible dust. Typical industries requiring such supervision include chemical, petrochemical, marine, metal, mechanical, mining, and oil drilling If over-heating is detected, the drive immediately stops feeding energy to the motor. As no external components are needed, the cabling is minimized, improving reliability and saving on both space and costs
    DC Cooling Fans VACON NXP high-performance air-cooled products are equipped with DC fans. This significantly increases the reliability and lifetime of the fan also fulfilling the ERP2015 directive on decreasing fan losses. Likewise, the DC-DC supply board component ratings fulfill industrial requirement levels -
    Conformal Coating To increase performance and durability, conformally coated circuit boards (also known as varnished boards) are provided as standard for power modules (FR7 - FR14) The upgraded boards offer reliable protection against dust and moisture and extend the lifetime of the drive and critical components
    - -
    Multiple Options: - -
    VACON® NXP control VACON® NXP offers a high-performance control platform for all demanding drive applications. The micro controller provides both exceptional processing and calculation power. The VACON NXP supports both induction and permanent magnet motors in open and closed loop control modes. VACON® Programming tool can be used to improve performance and create cost savings by integrating customer-specific functionality into the drive. The same control board is used in all VACON NXP drives, allowing the maximum utilization of VACON NXP control features over a wide power and voltage range
    Option boards Our VACON® NXP Control provides exceptional modularity by offering five (A, B, C, D and E) plug-in extension slots. Fieldbus boards, encoder boards as well as wide range of IO boards can simply be plugged-in at any time without the need to remove any other components. A listing of all options boards is provided on page 21 - brochure
    Fieldbus options Your VACON NXP is easily integrated within a plant’s automation system by using plug-in fieldbus option boards including PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU, Device Net and CAN-Open. Fieldbus technology ensures increased control and monitoring of the process equipment with reduced cabling – ideal for industries where the need to ensure that products are produced under the right conditions is of paramount importance. An external +24 V supply option enables communication with the control unit even if the main supply is switched off. Fast drive-to-drive communication is possible using our fast System Bus fiber optic communication. Profibus DP | Device Net | Modbus TRU | CAN-Open
    Ethernet connectivity VACON NXP is the smart drive of choice, as there is no need to purchase additional communication tools. Ethernet connectivity allows remote drive access for monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting. Our Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET IO, Ethernet/IP and Modbus/TCP are available for all VACON NXP drives. New Ethernet protocols are being continuously developed. Modbus/TCP | PROFINET IO | Ethernet/IP
    - -
    High Power and Improved Redundancy - -
    VACON® DriveSync is our innovative control concept for running standard drives in parallel to control high-power AC motors or increase the redundancy of a system. This concept suits single or multiple winding motors typically above 1 MW -
    AC drives up to 5 MW can be built using standard drive components and have the following benefits: -
    - The system is modular and easy to extend
    - High total power can be obtained by combining smaller drives
    - System redundancy is higher than in a conventional drive because each unit can run independently
    - No special skills are required for the engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance of drives as they are comprised of standard modules
    - -
    Key Features and Benefits: Features: Benefits:
    Full power and voltage range from 0.55 kW to 2.0 MW for both induction and permanent magnet motors Same software tools, same control and option boards allowing the maximum utilization of VACON NXP features over a wide power range
    Extensive range of ready-to-use applications for basic to demanding needs No additional software engineering required, saving time and money
    Create your own applications with VACON® Programming tool (licensed software tool) Customized applications provide added flexibility to meet process requirements
    Five built-in expansion slots for additional I/O, fieldbus and functional safety boards No additional external modules required. Options boards are compact and easy to install at any time
    - -
    VAON® NXP Wall-Mounted - -
    Complete voltage range 230...690 VAC One type of drive for wide power and voltage range reduces the complexity and the need for additional training
    Removable panel with parameter back-up function Easier commissioning – saves time
    Common control board Same software tools and applications for the entire range
    Built-in I/0 expandability, 5 slots available and option boards in all frame sizes Compact and easy to install – saves time and money
    Marine type approvals and functional safety feature System complexity can be reduced saving engineering time and costs
    Integrated brake chopper as standard in FR4-6, 380-500 V units -
    - -
    VACON® NXP Drive Modules - -
    Easy cabinet integration with additional assembly kit With optimized module design, less engineering is needed saving time and money
    One of the smallest on the market Compact module size require less cabinet space, while reducing the overall costs
    Extensive marine type approvals Improved redundancy and higher powers up to 5 MW
    VACON® DriveSync features for high power or/and redundancy -
    - -
    VACON® NXP Stand-Alone - -
    Extremely compact cabinet enclosure Maximize the utilization of available space while reducing the overall costs
    Delivered with ultra rapid AC fuses No need to consider any additional protection components
    Optional built-in brake chopper and DC-link connectors -


    Vacon® NCDrive - -
    VACON® NCDrive is used for setting, copying, storing, printing, monitoring and controlling parameters. The VACON NCDrive communicates with the drive via the following interfaces: RS-232, Ethernet TCP/IP, CAN (fast multiple drive monitoring), CAN@Net (remote monitoring) VACON NCDrive also includes a handy Datalogger function, which offers you the possibility to track failure modes and perform root cause analysis


    Mining and Minerals -
    Mobile -
    Industrial -
    Pulp & Paper -
    Compressors -
    Marie and Offshore -
    Cranes and Hoist -
    Metals -
    Chemical and Refining -
    Waer and Wastewater -
    Oil and Gas -
    Cement and Gas -
    General Process Industry -


    Typical Applications - -
    VACON®NXP Wall-Mounted -
    - Elevators and Escalators
    - Cranes and Hoists
    - Winches and Cargo Pumps
    - Pumps and Fans
    - Conveyors
    - Machine Tools
    - Yaw and Pitch Control
    - Oil Pumps
    - Winders and Unwinders
    - Pulp Dryers
    - Tissue Machinery
    - Extruders
    - -
    VACON® NXP Drive Module -
    - Conveyors
    - Cranes and Lifts
    - High-Speed Compressors
    - Ski Lifts
    - Main Propulsion and Bow Thrusters
    - Extruders
    - Winches and Cargo Pumps
    - Oil Pumps
    - Test Benches
    - Static Power Supply
    - Grinders and Mixers
    - Winders and Unwinders
    - Chippers
    - Tunneling Machines
    - -
    VACON® NXP Stand-Alone -
    - Auxiliary Equipment
    - Pumps and Fans
    - Main Propulsion and Bow Thrusters
    - Compressors
    Cranes and Lifts
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