Sure Grip SU Series

Small Handle – Commonly Replacement Handle for New Attachments in OEM Applications.

Sure Grip’s “SU” Series control grip is our small handle commonly used as a replacement handle when installing a new attachment or for OEM applications in a variety of industries. It is designed to offer up to 2 switches in the faceplate as well as the option for a trigger switch.

The cases are molded from a high impact plastic polymer into a comfortable shape for a rugged and lightweight control handle for extreme duty applications. The standard Sure Grip switches are covered with our patented overlay design that protects the switches from dirt and moisture.

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Dimensions L. 2.85" ( 72.4mm) x H. 6.21" (165.44mm) x W. 2.00" (50.88mm) -
Color Black -
Trigger Options Single Trigger -
- -
Handle Options - -
Configurable with all the Sure Grip Handle Options -
LED's -
Microjoystick -
Rocker modules -
Slider modules -
Toggle switches -
and more -
- -
Molded Cases From a high impact plastic polymer To a comfortable shape for rugges and lightweight control for extreme duty applications
Mounting Options Adapter bushing - 10mm set screws -
Boot Mounting None -
Expected Life (Operations) Switch tested to 10 million operations -


Switch Style Sealed 3Amp -
- -
Functions - -
Momentary switch position 1 -
LED red posiiton 2 -
- -
Wire Lenght Options 0 inches -


Operating Temperature Range Refer to brochure -
Environmental Protection Sealing up to IP67 -


Features: - -
Sealing up to IP67 -
Rugged design -
Overlay customizable -
Switch tested to 10 million operations -
Multiple trigger options available -
Supports 1 Micro-joystick -
- -
Accessories: - -
Offered such as bushing adapters, studs, sealed connectors and more -


Applications: - -
Simple applications that require few switches -
Extrueme duty applications -
Variety of industries -

Market Applications

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