Sure Grip Controls RM2

Proportional Rocker Module.

The Sure Grip Controls RM2 Rocker Module is a Proportional Hall effect control available in four configurations. Compact mounting is accomplished using two (2) narrow slide-in brackets resulting in various installation options both in Sure Grip handles and in other applications.

These compact proportional modules are designed for applications such as grapple, bucket thumbs, grab and tilt or rotate functions that will benefit from simple speed control.



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    Travel From Center to Maximum Deflection 18° -
    Operating Life > 4 million cycles -
    Dimensions - -
    Part -
    - W 17.0 x H 30.2 x D 32.0 mm
    Cutout - Rectangle -
    - W 13.5 x L 26.0 mm


    Input Power Supply -
    Supply voltage Min. 4.9, Typ. 5, Max. 5.1, Units Vdc
    Supply current Min. 8, Typ. 10, Max. 12, Units Ma
    Control Output -
    Output voltage low Min. 0.45, Typ. 0.5, Max. 0.7, Units Vdc
    Output voltage mid Min. 2.3, Typ. 2.5, Max. 2.7, Units Vdc
    Output voltage high Min. 4.3, Typ. 4.5, Max. 4.55, Units Vdc
    Output load Min. 1, Max. 10, Units Kohm


    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C -
    Environmental Protection IP67 -


    Features and Benefits -
    Compact device with analog proportional outputs -
    Utilizes non-contact Hall effect technology -


    Applications: - -
    Skid Steer Loader Tractor -
    Track Loader -
    Wheel Loaders -
    - Grapple
    - Bucket thumbs
    - Grab and tilt functions
    - Rotate functions
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