STW Technic ESX-TC3G

A Linux Operating System, an Extensive Board Support Package & a Telematics Application Framework that Provides Powerful Tools for Telematics.

The STW Technic ESX – TC3G is the latest addition to STW’s Telematics line with 3G and CDMA.  It is based on the highly successful STW Technic ESX-TC3 controller. The major enhancements are the addition of 3G and CDMA capabilities to the existing GSM modem, the addition of GLONASS to the GPS for faster and more accurate positioning and the presence of both internal and external antennas.

The ESX-TC3G will have the same 32-bit MPC5200B 400MHz processor and 1GB of flash memory as its predecessor. The unit has an excellent array of communications options.

The basic unit has two (2) CAN ports, an RS-232 port, and a USB port. The communications expansion board adds a digital input and output, an accelerometer, and the option to add cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G), GPS and WLAN modems.

Antennas can be internal or external – the TC3G is one of the few telematics units on the market with internal antennas. The internal antennas and a patent-pending design incorporating the SIM card into the connector allow the TC3G to meet both IP-67 and IP-69k environmental standards.

The TC3G is robust and designed for working machines and highly challenging environments. This telematics control unit is suitable even for sophisticated control and gateway functions. For example, it can be used for agriculture machines, snow plowing vehicles, and other mobile machinery.

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    Connector 19 pol. automotive standard connector (Tyco / AMP) -
    Housing IP69K -
    Weight 0,3 kg (0.67 lbs) -
    Dimensions Approx. 134 mm x 177 mm x 36 mm (5.28" x 4.61" x 1.42")


    Interfaces CAN 2 x CAN 2.0 B (11 Bit and 29 Bit Identifier), Low- / High-Speed up to 1 Mbit/s
    RS-232 (serial interface) programmable baud rate
    USB 1.1 / Low- & full-speed host-interface
    Ethernet IEEE 802.3, 10/100 Mbit
    Operational Interfaces Expansion Board -
    I/Os 1 digital input, 1 digital output
    3 axis accelerometer with wake-up function -
    Tricolor-LED; Freely programmable indication of the operating state (visible through the housing) -
    Available with an expansion board (WLAN and Bluetooth together is not possible) -
    Bluetooth V2 Class (1 17 dBm up to 300m line of site)
    WLAN IEEE 802.11b & g
    3G / 2G Modem Five-Band 3G - HSPA+ , Quad-Band 2G - GPRS/EDGE
    GPS & GLONASS GLONASS & GPS gleichzeitig, 1..10Hz update rate, 33 tracking channels, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, QZSS)
    System Data Voltage Supply 9-32Vdc
    Current 350 mA at 12V
    Real Time Clock (RTC) Gold cap buffered with wake-up and alarm function
    Internal temperature sensor -


    Requirements Tested to the standards of automotive, agricultural and construction machine industries CE conform
    Operating Temperature Range Operating: -40°C ... +70°C (-40°F ... +158°F) housing temperature -


    Bluetooth: V2 Class 1 (17 dBm up to 300 m line of sight, internal antenna) -
    WLAN: IEEE 802.11b & g (internal antenna) -
    3G/2G Modem: Five band 3G – HSPA+ , Quad band 2G – GPRS/EDGE -
    EGPRS/GPRS: Class 12 (internal antenna) -
    GPS: SiRF chipset, SBAS (EGNOS/WAAS Correction, 20/12 Channel internal GPS antenna) -


    Processor System - -
    Processor 32 Bit Controller, MPC5200B 400 MHz
    RAM 128 Mbyte
    NOR-Flash 64 Mbyte
    FRAM / EEPROM 8 kByte
    NAND-Flash-Memory 1GByte
    - -
    Software - -
    Linux operating system -
    Board support package (including source code) -
    Teleservice Application Framework (TAF) -
    Voltage Supply 9-32Vdc
    - -
    System Data - -
    Current 350 mA at 12V
    Real Time Clock (RTC) Gold cap buffered with wake-up and alarm function
    Internal temperature sensor -

    Features & Benefits

    Based on the ESX-TC3 hardware platform with additional features that make use of telematics in difficult environmental conditions even more powerful -
    Wired communication interfaces include a digital input and digital output, two CAN interfaces, Ethernet and an RS232 interface -
    Able to use 2G/3G mobile communication, WLAN and Bluetooth for wireless data transfer -
    Available either with integrated antennas or with connection ports for external antennas -
    Includes SIM card slot integrated into plug -
    Internal antennas version achieves protection class of IP67 and IP6k9k -
    Robustly designed to be impermeable to temperature and resistant to vibrations -
    Open source-based Linux operating system offers foundation for creating complex applications quickly and simply -
    Development environment is based solely on freely available tools -


    Off-Highway Equipment -
    CAN Systems -


    Applications vary from simple data loggers, which transmit recorded operational data wirelessly, to central communication gateways, which process many different communication standards -
    Rollercoasters -
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