Penny & Giles TPS280DP

5Vdc (and 9-30Vdc), Contactless, Throttle Position, Dual Output.

The Penny & Giles TPS280DP is a variant of the popular, contactless rotary position sensor range, which uses a factory programmable non-contact, Hall effect sensor system.Electrically interchangeable with potentiometers the TPS280DP is designed as the modern alternative throttle position sensor (TPS) to rotary potentiometers fitted on high-performance race car and motorcycle induction systems.Replacing a potentiometer with the TPS280DP will eliminate premature failure due to electrical noise – caused by potentiometer wear. TPS280DP is life tested to 30-million cycles (60 million operations), more than NINE TIMES that of a potentiometer in this application.

TPS280DP is mechanically interchangeable with most existing throttle position sensors using 32mm mounting centers and is designed to interface with most common throttle body D-type spindles. The sensor has a choice of 200 or 500mm cable lengths, with or without an MSS4P Mini Sure-Seal connector fitted to the FDR-25 sheathed spec 55A cable. With sealing to IP69K, it is also able to withstand high pressure wash-downs.

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Range 20-360º -
Housing Material Plastic molding Note- spring shaft option
Size - -
Height 23mm -
Length 30.5mm -
Width 43mm -
Mounting Slotted 32mm on center Maximum tightening torque 2Nm
Weight <30g -


Input 9 to 30Vdc (unregulated) and 5 ±0.5Vdc (regulated) -
Output 20- 360º rotation, ratiometric, or PWM input dependent 0-5Vdc, 0.5 to 4.5Vdc, PWM
Electrical Protection - -
Over-Voltage Y Up to 40 (-40 to +60°C)
Reserve-Voltage Y -
Output Short-Circuit Protected Y -
Connections Leadwire -
LED Indicators - -
Resolution Accuaracy 1º -


Operating Temperature Range ­40°C to +140°C (5V supply) ­40°C to +135.7°C (9V supply) -
Storage Temperature Range ­55°C to +140°C -
Humidity Sealed -
Protection Class IP68 (to 2m depth for 1 hour) or IP50 IP50 for unsealed shaft
Vibration BS EN 60068-2-64:1995 Sec 8.4 (31.4gn rms) 20 to 2000Hz random -
Shock 3m drop onto concrete and 2500g -


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display - -
Processor - -
Software - -
Other - -

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