Curtiss-Wright SRH301 & SRH302

Hall-Effect Rotary Position Sensor, Optimal Combination of Performance, Safety, and Cost, Hall-Effect, Low-Profile (17.3mm) Housing with Integral Magnet.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: Penny & Giles) SRH301 and SRH302 range of shaft-operated Rotary Position Sensors offer the optimal combination of performance, safety, and cost.

The SRH301 and SRH302 range of shaft-operated Rotary Position Sensors offers the optimal combination of performance, safety, and cost. The sensor utilizes proven Hall-effect, sensing technology in a low-profile (17.3mm) housing with an integral magnet.

The circuit design allows the sensor to be run from a regulated 5V supply or a varying voltage in the range of 9-30V, such as a vehicle’s battery.

The electrical output span can be set to correspond to rotations of 20° to 360°, and the positional information is determined by the angle of the integral magnet relative to the sensor. The integral magnet arrangement ensures a consistent sensor-magnet separation, avoiding errors associated with air-gap fluctuations.

  • Non-contacting Hall-effect technology
  • Simple mounting, low-profile design
  • Measurement angle 20-360°
  • 5V or 9-30V supply options
  • Single- or dual-redundant-output options
  • Analog output – 0.5-4.5V or 0.2-4.8V
  • PWM output option
  • Fail-safe outputs
  • Sealing to IP69K
  • AMP or Deutsch connector options
  • Flying-lead option
  • Protective cable-conduit option
  • Specifications
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    Range 20-360 ° In1° increments
    Housing Material Phenolic High performance Phenolic with over mold
    Height, Length, Width H,. 31.6 mm x L. 51mm x W. 28mm 17.3 mm from top to mount face
    Mounting 2 bolt 4.5 mm bolt width
    Weight 70 grams -


    Input 5Vdc or 9-36Vdc regulated -
    Output 0.5 to 4.5 Vdc or PWM Refer to brochrue for details
    Over-Voltage -
    Reserve-Voltage -
    Output Short-Circuit Protected -
    Connections Deutsch or Amp Super Seal Single or dual redundant specific
    Resolution 12 bit -


    Operating Temperature Range -40° C to +140° C -40° C to +135° C for regulated voltage
    Storage Temperature Range 40 ° C to +140° C -40° to 120° C if conduit fitted
    Environmental Protection IP69K Excluding connector, if conduit fitted
    Vibration 31.4 gram newtons rms BS EN 60068-2-64; 1995 Sec 8.4 (31.4g rms) 20 to 2000Hz
    Electromagnetic Interference EMI 100V/m EN 61000-4-3 to 100V/m 80-1000MHz & 1.4-2.7GHz
    Shock 2500g All axes


    Industrial -
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