Curtiss-Wright SLT190

25mm to 500mm Contactless Linear Displacement Transducer.

The Curtiss-Wright (Product Brand: Penny & Giles), SLT190 linear position transducer is designed to provide reliable, fit-and-forget position sensing (up to 500mm) within a compact transducer size for the most hazardous operating environments.

Choice of transducer strokes, the SLT190 is available with 14 different strokes from 25 to 500mm and has a short body-to-stroke-length ratio. This makes it ideal for the replacement of linear potentiometers in hostile operating conditions while providing a cost saving over equivalent stroke length inductive transducers, such as LVDTs.
  • Contactless sensing with inductive coil technology
  • Small transducer body length to stroke ratio
  • 25mm to 500mm stroke range
  • Infinite resolution
  • Absolute measurement
  • Rugged stainless steel construction, resistant to shock and vibration
  • Operates from -40 to +150°C
  • CE approved
  • Rapid despatch of any length

To minimize the position transducer size and the impact on the overall system, we provide separate signal conditioning electronics (EICT or EICTM) housed in rugged IP66 or IP68 rated enclosures. The electronics module can be located up to 10m away from the transducer, well away from any hostile conditions (vibration, mechanical impact, temperature) that the position transducer may encounter during operation. The result is a more reliable transducer solution, easily installed and adjusted and more flexible in the choice of outputs available – including voltage, current and digital PWM.

Offering one of the most cost-effective solutions for contactless absolute position sensing, this transducer is ideally suited to exterior mounting on off-highway vehicle systems, including military vehicles.



  • Specifications
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    Range 25-500mm -
    Housing Material Anodized Aluminum -
    Height Stroke dependent -
    Length Ø 19.0mm -
    Mounting Clevis With spherical bearings


    Input Vs- 10 to 60V Stroke dependent for maximum
    Output EICT controller dependent -
    Over-Voltage -
    Reserve-Voltage -
    Output Short-Circuit Protected -
    Connections Lead wire 1 meter length Up to 10 meter solutions available
    Resolution Virtually infinite -


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +150°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −50°C to +150°C -
    Protection Class IP67 -
    Vibration 10HZ to 2000Hz, 11.23g (rms) Radial axis only
    Shock Survival to 10000g Radial axis

    Features & Benefits

    Features Benefits
    No contact between the sensing elements Virtually infinite life
    Compact body to stroke length Reduced installation space
    Infinite resolution All displacement will be sensed
    Absolute measurement No loss of position on power down
    Rugged stainless steel construction Maximum reliability under impact and vibration
    High temperature capability to +150°C (+302°F) Maximum reliability in hostile environments
    CE approved Confidence in EMC performance
    Rapid despatch of any length Eliminates customer inventory


    Mobile -


    Off-Highway Vehicle Systems -
    Military Vehicles -
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