Penny & Giles NRH271 & NRH272

The NRH271 and NRH272 family of no-contact, Rotary Position Sensors offers the optimal combination of performance, safety and cost. All variants utilize proven Hall-effect sensing technology and are accommodated in low-profile housing with a compact footprint.

  • No-contact, Hall-effect technology
  • Wear free – unlimited mechanical life
  • Simple mounting, low-profile design
  • Measurement angle 20-360°
  • 5V or 9-30V supply options
  • Single or dual redundant outputs
  • Analog output – 0.5-4.5V or 0.2-4.8V
  • PWM output – 244Hz, 500Hz or 1,000Hz
  • Fail-safe outputs
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Sealing to IP67
  • AMP or Deutsch connector options
  • Flying-lead option
  • Protective cable conduit option

The electrical output span can be set to correspond to rotations of 20° to 360°, and the positional information is determined by the angle of the supplied magnet relative to the sensor body. The maximum air gap between magnet and sensor is 7mm, while concentric offsets of up to 2mm can be tolerated with minimal impact on output linearity. The magnet can be supplied in a convenient carrier, housed in a bolt, as a plug or loose.

Specification Table coming soon.

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Wear-Free Unlimited mechanical life -
No-Contact Hall-effect technology -
Simple Mounting Low-profile design 2x M3 screws
Measuring Angle 20-360° -
Mechanical Angle 360° continuous -
Weight <100g -
Maximum Operating Speed 3600°/s -


Supply Options 5V or 9-30V -
Output Single or dual redundant outputs -
Analog Output 0.5-4.5V or 0.2-4.8V -
PWM Output 244Hz, 500Hz or 1,000Hz -
Fail-safe Outputs Y -
Encapsulated Electronics Y -
Connections Options are: Industry-standard AMP Superseal (IP68 rated) or Deutsch DT04 series (IP67 rated) connectors Or simple flying leads for customer termination. Can also be supplied with a protective conduit for the cabling.
Flying-Lead Option Y -


Operating Temperature (5V Supply) -40° C to 140° C Limited to 120° C if conduit fitted
Operating Temperature (9-30V Supply) -40° to 135.2° C at 9Vdc De-rate upper temperature by 1.7° C per volt increase
Environmental Protection Sealing to IP67 -
Sealing AMP connector IP68, Deutsch connector
Vibration EN 60068-2-64 1995 section 8.4 (31.4gn rms) 20-2000Hz random
Shock 3m drop onto concrete and 2500g -
Life Virtually infinite -


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display - -
Processor - -
Software - -
Other - -

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