Curtiss-Wright JC1200

Control Panel & Arm Rest Non-Contacting Paddle Joystick Control.

The Curtiss-Wright (Penny and Giles) JC1200 paddle joystick builds on the success of the potentiometric-based JC1200 and is ideal for use in control panels and armrests found in industrial trucks, agricultural equipment, and construction machinery, where cost-effective, long-life operator controls are essential.By using a long-life bearing system and non-contacting Hall-effect sensing technology, the JC1200 has achieved a long operating life of 25 million cycles while providing functionality that is smooth and easy to operate.

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Breakout Force at Handle Tip 1.0N -
Operating Force at Handle Tip 3.5N -
Maximum Lever Load on Handle Tip 50N transverse or in-line with operation -
Mechanical Angle ±30° return-to-center; 60° return-to-end -
Gate Single axis -
Mechanical Life 25 million cycles -
MTTFd > 100 years -
Weight Less than 40g -


Supply Voltage 5Vdc ± 0.5Vdc -
Output Voltage (Factory Set) 10% to 90% or 20% to 80% of the Supply voltage -
Center Reference 48.0% to 52.0% of supply voltage -
Output Sense The dual outputs can be configured to have positive ramps, negative ramps or a combination of both -
Current Consumption < 25mA -
Connection 7-way Molex -


Operating Temperature −40°C to +85°C -
Storage Temperature −40°C to +85°C -
Environmental Protection IP67 above panel, IP55 electronics and connector -


Features and Benefits - -
Robust design for arduous applications -
Return-to-center or return-to-end options -
Under-panel depth minimized to 9mm -
Rated for 40 million cycles -
Hall effect sensor technology -
Dual outputs with sense and voltage span options -
IP67 sealing above panel -
Color-coded 'Tab' options -
Can be supplied as 'base-only' so the colored tabs can be fitted at final installation -


Well suited for use in control panels and armrests
Industrial Trucks
Agricultural Equipment
Construction Machinery -

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