Parker Vansco VMM3120

Stand-alone Controller CAN J1939 Multiplexing Module

The Parker Vansco VMM3120 Multiplexing Module is a software-programmable, multiplexing, input/output controller that monitors dedicated and general-purpose inputs, and controls solid-state switch outputs. The VMM3120 is a general purpose controller for vehicle and other applications with a steady voltage of less than or equal to 32Vdc. The unit has 31 inputs and 20 outputs as well as a CAN/J1939 communication port. This module is 100% compatible with other Parker Vansco multiplexing modules.

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Dimensions, overall L 5.7" x W 10" x D 1.85"
Connection (2) 35-pin Ampseal connectors


Supply Voltage (Vdc) 7-32Vdc
Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 31 Total 10 voltage / 4 frequency / 17 digital Digital inputs used for active high signals. Two inputs can be used for power control. Four frequency inputs (2 AC coupled and 2 DC coupled)
Outputs: Proportional/Digital 20 Total 16 high-side/4 low-side High-side max PWM frequency 500 Hz Low-Side capable of current sensing
CAN Communication SAE J1939 2


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range −55°C to +125°C
Environmental Protection IP66 Built to meet stringent SAE J1455/EP455


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display 30 red diagnostic LEDS Default fault codes includes short to ground or power , over current, and and open loads.
Software Windows-based ladder logic programming Can be used alone or with other multiplexing modules
Other Easy to integrate into any on-highway or off-highway vehicle

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