Parker Vansco DPS-C

3.5″ Transflective color, LCD Instrument Cluster, (Display Panel Standard, Construction)

Parker’s DPS-C is a semi-custom instrument cluster targeted for construction vehicle applications. The DPS-C cluster is an innovative user interface with a size and shape that makes it well suited for smaller cabs.

Parker’s DPS-C (Display Panel Standard, Construction) instrument cluster is an innovative user interface with small installation dimensions that makes complete vehicle information accessible in a single centralized location. By incorporating the DPS-C cluster, a wide range of mobile construction vehicles can be operated more efficiently for greater productivity.

This versatile instrument cluster supports two CAN communication channels, as well as USB. The DPS-C has inputs to measure analog, digital and frequency signals and outputs suited for hydraulic control, or general electrical control.

The DPS-C instrument cluster is ideal for various off-road vehicle applications, with 5 backlit gauges, up to 28 positions for status LEDs (tell-tales), and a 3.5” color LCD screen for operator messages. The robust enclosure has environmentally sealed, Molex MX150 type connectors and is designed to be used in rugged environments.


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    Screen Size 3.5 inches -
    Resolution 320 x 240 pixels -
    Screen Type Transflective color LCD -
    Touch Screen - -
    Front Face 5 backlit gauges 28 positions for LED status indicators
    Dimensions W 257.4 x H 172 x D 53.3 mm -
    Housing - -
    Connections 2 x 20-pin Molex connectors for interfacing with the inputs, outputs, and the CAN 1 x 4-pin Molex connector for the USB interace


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 8 to 32Vdc -
    Inputs: Analog/Digital 24 Total 18 digital / 4 analog / 2 frequency 4 digital are active high with wake- up
    Outputs: Analog/Digital 4 Total 2 digital out high-side / 2 digital out low-side Maximum current of 2.5 A with PWM capabilities
    CAN Communication 2 x CAN (SAE J1939) -
    Ethernet - -
    USB/Serial 1 USB, B-port Via separate cable
    Video In - -
    Audio - -
    WLAN - -
    GSM/GPRS - -
    Bluetooth - -
    GPS - -


    Operating Temperature Range −20°C to +60°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
    Environmental Protection IP69 (front); IP65 (rear) Rugged environments, and has been tested to a suitable mix of standards based on the J1455, ISO, and EP455
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