Parker Vansco CM0410

Single CAN Interface, 4 Inputs, 10 Outputs, J1939 Slave Controller Module.

Parker’s CM0410 controller module is a compact J1939 slave unit that features configurable I/O using a supplied PC tool. The CM0410 module reports input status and receives output commands from a master using the J1939 protocol over a CAN-bus connection. Number of Inputs 4, number of outputs 10. Pre-configured software, slave/expansion module controller type.

The main function of the Parker CM0410 module is to provide a means of controlling mechanical relays or low current loads via messages on the CAN-bus. Enhancements have been included to support things like open bulb detection and some limited solenoid PWM control.

The Parker CM0410 is a CAN slave module only and does not support stand-alone operation. However, it does support limited con-figurability, to specify things like input configurations, and update rates for the messages presented on the CAN-bus.

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Dimensions, overall L. 69.8 x W. 159.4 x D. 38.9 (mm) -
Enclosure Material Injection molded plastic with potted Electronics -
Weight 0.3 kg -
Connector 1 x 20 pin Type: Molex MX150
Mounting Method Two 1/4" or 6mm bolts -


Supply Voltage 12V and 24V -
Operating Voltage Range 9V to 32V continuous -
Low Voltage Cranking 6V -
Over Voltage 36V -
- -
Micro Core Capabilities - -
Micro type ARM Cortex MO
Flash size 32 Kbyte
RAM size 8 Kbyte
EEPROM size 16 Kbit
- -
Communication Channels CAN channels (J1939 compliant) 1 with "Wake on CAN" functionality
- -
Inputs/Outputs - -
Programmable inputs -
- 3 programmable as frequency /0-5V analog
- 1 programmable as frequency /0-5V analog / wake-up
- -
Current sense pass through High side, pass through current sense
- -
High side outputs 2 x 2A outputs, PWM (100-200 Hz)
Maximum continous load 3 x 0.25A outputs, PWM (100-200Hz)
Maximum PWM Frequency 5 x 0.25A outputs


Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C -
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C -
Sealing IP69K -
Environmental Protection IP67 rated -
Specifications EP455 and J1455 -


Slave Module Module is controllable as a slave module over a J1939 Can network Slave module CAN messaging details are configurable by user
Configurable Software (future enhancement) Simple logic configuration will be provided by a proprietary tool -


Features and Benefits: - -
Small and configurable J1939 slave mounts anywhere -
Features configurable I/O using a supplied PC tool -
Reports input status and receives output commands from a master using J1939 protocol over a CAN-bus connection -


Communication Channels CAN channels (J1939 compliant) 1 with "WAKE on CAN" functionality


Applications - -
Agriculture -
Construction -
Forestry -
Material Handling -
Specialty -
Transportation -

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