Parker Vansco (CM) 3620

Controller Module CAN J1939

The Parker Vansco Controller Module (CM) 3620 is an input/output controller that monitors digital, analog and frequency inputs, and controls solid-state switched outputs. The (CM) 3620 can be configured to meet many system requirements through custom component configuration options, component value modification, and custom software. The CM3620 is a C programmed module and requires custom embedded programming for a high volume custom configuration to your specifications, please contact GS Global Resources.

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Dimensions, overall L 10" x W 5.7" x D 1.85"
Connection (2) 35-pins Ampseal connector Used to interface with the inputs, outputs, and CAN


Supply Voltage (Vdc) 12-24Vdc
Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 36 Total 10 voltage / 4 frequency / 22 digital Voltage 6 standard / 4 amplified, frequency 2 AC coupled / 2 DC coupled, digital 22 programmable pullup/down including 2 wakeup inputs
Outputs: Proportional/Digital 20 Total 16 high-side/4 low-side High-side max PWM frequency 500 Hz Low-side capable of current sensing
CAN Communication J1939 / RS232 2 (with "Wake on CAN" functionality) 1 (not typically used by customer, will use 2 x digital input pins)


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range −55°C to +125°C
Environmental Protection IP66 EP455, J1455, and ISO 7637-2


Diagnostic/LEDS/Display On board LED Diagnostics Default fault codes includes short to ground or power , over current, and open loads
Software C Programming Embedd Code High Volume lower cost controller for High volume application
Other Designed for large OEM manufacturers

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