Parker RS52

Sensor Condition Monitoring 0-5V Output, Non-Contact, 90º Working Range.

The Parker RS52 is a 0-5V output, non-contact, rotary sensor suitable for a variety of applications. The RS52 sensor has a working range of 90 degrees. The sensor has twelve-inch leads and an attached Deutsch connector.

The RS52 has a glass-filled nylon plastic construction for strength and corrosion resistance. The sensor uses non-contact, Hall effect technology for trouble-free operation. The sensor is very robust and able to withstand rugged applications.

Parker Rotary Angle Sensors RF50, RS52, RS53, RS70

A variety of working angles and shaft types to fit your specifications. The RF50 is a friction rotary control with 90° travel. The RS52 is a spring-loaded 90° sensor. The RS53 has full 360° rotation working range. For added safety, we offer sensors with redundant outputs. The RS70 is a spring-loaded sensor with 170° travel and dual outputs. robust and able to withstand rugged applications.


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    Angular Travel 110º -
    Operational Life 10 million cycles -
    Total Error (<=80°) Max 3.0 % FS Total accuracy includes non- linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and temperature effects
    Housing Material Glass-filled nylon construction Corrosion resistant
    Height. Length, Width H. 28mm x L. 52mm x W. 50mm -
    Connector Deutsch DTM -
    Mounting 37mm on center slotted Mounting holes slotted for easy alignment
    Weight 72 g -


    Supply Voltage 5.0+ / -10% Vdc -
    Current Supply Max 12.0 mA -
    Outpus at FS 4.5 V The output is ratiometric to supply voltage (Vs)
    Zero Output 0.5V The output is ratiometric to supply voltage (Vs)
    Output Current Max. 1.0 mA -
    Connections 3 pin; Deutsch DTM Twelve inch leads
    Resolution Maximum 3% total error -
    Working Angle 90° -


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +125°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +125°C -
    Protection Class IP66 -
    Vibration 30 Gs -
    Shock 1m drop -
    Climate Sealing (electronics) IP66
    Chemical Environment Liquids (resistance) Standard automotive


    Ordering Part Number RS52 01709ECD


    Mobile Equipment -
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