Parker RM50

Non-Contact, Tilt Sensing, Single-Axis, IP67 for Outdoor Applications, IQAN Compatible, Complementing Electronic Control Systems.

The Parker RM50 is a rolling magnet tilt switch and will sense angular movement in one axis. The sensor has twelve-inch leads and an attached Deutsch connector. Suitable for mobile equipment, the Parker RM50 has a glass-filled nylon plastic construction for strength and corrosion resistance. The sensor uses reed switch technology for trouble-free operation.

Parker’s RM50 delivers non-contacting tilt sensing in a single axis to indicate angular movement beyond a certain point. When mounted horizontally, the switch has a range of up to ±10 degrees. However, the switch can be mounted at different angles to accommodate applications where larger angular movement needs to be detected.

The sensors are built in a single package with no external moving components and magnetic characteristics help to reduce false tripping caused by vibration and sudden movements. The sensors are very robust and able to withstand rugged applications The potted design combined with the sealed connector give the sensors IP67 protection for outdoor applications. The mechanical features offered provide for easy installation and removal, even in field conditions.

These features make the RM50 an environmentally safe alternative to old mercury switch designs.

Choose the tilt sensor that meets your requirements.
The RM50 rolling magnet switch will indicate a 10° or greater tilt in either direction. For a proportional indication of the degree of tilt, use the Parker single axis ATS50 sensor or Parker dual axis ATS90 sensor.
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Housing Material Nylon, Glass-filled -
Measuring Angle ±10° -
Height, Length, Width H. 0.99" x L. 0.99" x W. 1.65" -
Mounting Holes 6.0 mm (x2) -
Sensor Type Tip/Tilt -


Input Max 100Vdc -
Electrical Connection DTM 12 inch leads
Contact Rating (Watts) 20 -
Switching Voltage (max) 20 -
Switching Current (max) 1.00 AM -
Hystersis ±10° max -


Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +105°C -
Environmental Protection IP67 Potted electronics
Vibration 10 Gs -
Shock 1m drop -
Chemical Environment Liquids (resistance) Standard automotive



Features & Benefits

Glass filled plastic for corrosion resistance -
±10° operation in a single-axis -
Large hysteresis to reduce false tripping -
IP67 rating -


Part number 01715ECD


Part Number 01715 -


Industrial -
Mobile -


Mercury Switch Replacement -
Hood Position -
Roll Position -

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