Parker PS65

Non-Contact Proximity Sensor for Mobile Hydraulic Applications.

The Parker PS65 is a magnetic proximity sensor for mobile hydraulic applications and will sense magnetic objects. The sensor may be combined with our complementary magnet target. The sensor has 6-inch leads with an attached Deutsch connector.

To make the sensor suitable for mobile equipment, Parker has focused upon properties such as reliability and ease of installation.

The PS65 has a threaded aluminum construction for strength and corrosion resistance. The sensor uses non-contact technology, through the use of an internal reed switch, for trouble-free operation. Switch activation is a function of the strength of the actuator (magnet), how close it is to other ferrous objects, and the air gap distance. The sensor is very robust and able to withstand rugged applications.
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    Air Gap Max 1/2" (using magnet target listed) See brochure
    Housing Material Aluminum -
    Weight 23 g -
    Operating Life 10 million cycles -
    Switch Type Normally closed -
    Connector Deutsch DTM -
    Shock 1m drop -
    Vibration 30 Gs -


    Contact Resistance (initial) Max 200 mΩ -
    Breakdown Voltage Min 200Vdc -
    Switching Voltage Max 100Vac/Vdc -
    Switching Current DC Max 300 mA -
    Bounce Time Max 0.4 mx -


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +105°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +105°C -
    Climate (Sealing) IP6K9K -
    Chemical Environment Liquids (resistance) Standard automotive


    Ordering Part Number PS65 154482ECD
    Magnet target 01143ECD


    Mobile -


    Mobile Hydraulic -
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