Parker Pro Display 10″

HMI Display Module 10.1-in. IPS LCD with a Capacitive Touch Screen.

Parker Pro Display 10 is an apps-based HMI (Human Machine Interface) product for mobile machines and vehicles. Pro Display 10 provides the possibility of having one centralized HMI display in the vehicle cabin for machine functionality, diagnostics, efficiency tools, infotainment and entertainment, and much more. The customer can incorporate an unlimited number of apps into one display product, and the display is not limited to one particular control system integration. When you want to make your vehicle more powerful, simplify your cabin functions and reduce driver distraction you can count on GS Global Resources engineered solutions along with Parkers Pro Display 10.

Parker Hannifin Pro Display 10 touch screen display and Parker UX Toolkit enable OEMs to facilitate features such as auto-steering and customize the display to their particular application needs.

The combination of the toolkit and display easily facilitates advanced features such as:

  • Auto-steering
  • Auto-leveling
  • Weighing
  • Navigation and camera systems on a single, centralized display
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Screen Size 10.1", IPS LCD, 16:10² Landscape or portrait
Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels -
Touch Interface PCAP -
Brightness 400 cd/m2(typical) -
Backlight White LED -
Dimensions L. 181 x W. 264 D. 46.20 + 5.30 mm -
Housing - -
Mounting Two mounting methods are available Easily integrated into the panel using a steel bracket or can be mounted with adjustable RAM® mount components


Supply Voltage 12V and 24V (6-36Vdc) -
Camera Supply 12Vdc -
Inputs: Digital inputs; 1 x keylock, 1 x wake-up -
Outputs: Supply outputs; 1 x +12V / 1A³ Digital outputs; 1 x high side 200 mA
Connection - -
Electrical connection 2 x Deutsch DTM04 12-pin
Ethernet 1 x M12 4/5-pin
USB 2 x M12 4/5-pin
Video input 1 x M12 5/6-pin
Radio antenna 1 x SMA for FM-RDS radio


Operating Temperature Range -30°C to +70°C -
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C -
Environmental Protection IP65 -


Different Modes For fast system start up Sleep mode, shutdown mode, and operation mode
- -
Software - -
Parker Application Designer Windows PC
Possibility of integrating third-party software -


Features and Benefits: - -
System hardware costs are reduced by having a single display for multiple operations -
Easy-to-use programming tools, the Parker UX Toolkit, allows you to deploy customized applications according to your (the OEM) own needs and brand -
Possibility of integrating third-party software Parker also offers commercial apps for different mobile machine industry needs
- -
Internal features -
- 3-axis acceleration sensor
- Voltage measurement / supply supervison
- Real-time clock (RTC) with back-up
- -
Parker UX Toolkit - -
Parker UX Toolkit includes the software tools to develop applications for Pro Display 10 according to customer's own needs -
Apps-based platform enables separation of system functionality into own apps and independent app development, as well as integration of 3rd party software -
- -
Data Management - -
Intelligent data management includes ready made device and protocol suites, as well as efficient inbuilt diagnostics and alarm features to define communication interfaces very quickly -
Reliable communication between machine and app can be created easily using drag-and-drop protocol layers -


CAN 4 -
USB 2 (2.0 high speed host) -
RS-232 1 (TX, RX, GND) -
Ethernet 1 (10 / 100 Mbps) -
Wireless Bluetooth¹ WILAN, 802.11 b/g/n
- -
Infotainment Audio Line In/OUT
- Microphone IN
- FM-RDS radio tuner
- -
Video inputs 2 x analog composite


Applications - -
Agriculture Machinery -
Construction Equipment -
Other Mobile -
Municipal Equipment -
Forestry Equipment -
Material Handling Equipment -
Bus and Coach -
Marine -
- -
Notes: - -
1) Hands-free, serial port protocol, A2DP sink -
2) Hardened glass with anti-glare coating -
3) E.g. for camera supply -
4) E.g. for audio amplifier wakeup -

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