Parker PHD28

2.8 Robust Low-Cost, CAN-bus, LCD Display, the Perfect HMI Solution for your System.

The Parker Hannifin Display product (PHD) is available in 3 popular sizes to perform in a variety of applications. The PHD display family is focused on mobile machinery markets with full color, touch-capable screens sized at 2.8”, 5.0” and 7.0”.

The PHD28 can replace keypads and small informational LCD displays. The Parker PHD50 display is suitable as an instrument cluster replacement in base model machines.

The PHD50 and PHD70 can both be used as operator interfaces in base machines, providing engine and system information plus backup video camera functionality. The Parker PHD70 display is perfect as an operator interface in more advanced machines with engine and system information plus back up and perimeter blind spot video cameras.

These robust and compact displays are fully programmable through a graphical, easy to use programming tool for rapid application and menu screen development.

  • The family includes the PHD28 (2.8 in. nom.), the PHD50 (5.0 in. nom.) and the PHD70 (7.0 in. nom.) diagonal screen sizes
  • Full color, high resolution, touch-capable screens
  • CAN-bus interfaces and built-in I/O for buttons and keypads
  • PHD50 comes with a single analog camera input; PHD70 comes with dual analog camera inputs (PAL or NTSC)
  • An end user can customize the PHDs with their own custom bezel and by creating custom application software for a unique look and feel of the menus and screens
  • Displays are programmed using an easy-to-use graphical programming and scripting tool which allows for rapid application development for shorter development times, and faster time to market
  • Support a wide variety of languages to allow machine builders to develop global applications for a broader market reach
  • Rated for an ambient operating temperature of -20-70 C (-4-158 F)
  • Ingression protection rating of IP65 on the back and IP69K on the front

This makes the Parker PHD displays a perfect fit for almost any mobile and industrial machine application. Paker’s plastic Bezel for the PHD28 is available. Looking for a custom bezel design for your particular application? Contact us here, GS Global Resources can design and manufacture a custom display system unique to your particular application.


PHD Parker Display Bezel

PHD, I/O development, Serial Ethernet Recovery Flexcan (SERF) board kit, includes power and communication cables.

Parker PHD Display Development Kit

GS Global Resources (GSGR) offers many different displays ranging in size from 2.8” to 15” depending on the requirements of the application. What we specialize in is meeting the needs of the OEM by customizing a standard product to your specific application needs.

  • Specifications
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    Screen Size 2.8" (nom) -
    Resolution Color TN 240x320 -
    Screen Type Auto screen brightness, 500 cd/m² Readable with polarized glasses (landscape and portrait orientation
    Touch Screen Capacitive touch -
    Dimensions L. 71.5 x W. 120.50 x D. 45.85 mm -
    Viewsing Angle Theta X +60° / -60°, Theta Y +60° / -50° -
    Snap in Bezel Design Customizable for each OEM Can include buttons and encoder know for additional input. Matrix style keypads supported
    Connector Molex MX150, 20 pin -


    Low Power outputs 12Vdc and 5Vdc -
    Inputs 7 General Purpose Inputs; 7 - Analog or Digital (active-high/low) or 7 - GPIO used for Keypad Interface Ambient Light Sensor -
    Outputs 2 x low-side 500mA 1 x 5Vdc sensor supply 500mA 1 x 12Vdc sensor supply 500mA up to 7 high-side, 4.3V @ 5mA -
    CAN Port -
    Wake Up Via CAN or external input -
    2 Low Side DOUT 500 mA max -
    Video No -
    Alarm Output With fault detection -
    USB Port -
    Video N -
    High Vibration and Shock -
    ESD, EMI, and EMC Compliant -


    Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C Display functionality impaired below -20°C
    Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C -
    Environmental Protection IP69K front, IP65 back -


    Programming Tool Despcription - -
    Crank Programming Tool Highlights Storyboard Menu Designer -
    - WYSIWYG UI development environment
    - Supports development and simulation on Windows, Linux, and Mac Platforms
    - Does not produce or compile code
    - Design time simulation with one click to simulate UI to easily verify and get feedback on design decisions
    - -
    Android & iOS as a Prototype Tool Easily export to mobile tablets or phones to provide an easy method to quickly test and share the user interface functionality with other stakeholders for faster feedback, and shorter design cycles

    Features & Benefits

    Full Color and Touch Screens -
    PHD50 has NTSC/PAL video support -
    Easty-to-use programming tools -
    Simple graphics and menu creation -
    Can-bus support -
    Multiple language support -


    Ordering Part Number - -
    PHD28 1040002ECD
    PHD28 Bezel (Basi plastic snap-on bezel for PHD28) 1040503ECD
    - -
    PHD - Parker Hannifin Display Development Kit : I/O development, Serial Ethernet Recovery Flexcan (SERF) board kit, includes power and communication cables. 1042030ECD
    - -
    PHD50 1041003ECD
    PHD50 Bezel (Basic plastic snap-on bezel for the PHD50) 1041503ECD
    - -
    PHD70 1042003ECD
    PHD70 Bezel (Basic plastic snap-on bezel for the PHD70) 1042503ECD


    CAN x 1 USB Host/Device x 1 (default is Device) -


    Construction Equipment -
    Transportation -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Material Handling Equipment -


    Diagnostic and Fault Monitoring Display -
    Dynamic Keypad Input Screens -
    Engine Monitor (J1939) -
    HMI and Operator Information Center -
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