Parker LS60

Sensor Condition Monitoring Solid State, Dual Axis, Level, Tilt Sensor, IQAN Compatible, for Mobile Hydraulic Applications, Electronic Control.

Parker’s LS60 delivers dual-axis level sensing where it is critical to limit the amount of tilt to operate machinery safely. It can be used to supply power to functions that should be used when within normal operating conditions. The standard top-mounted bubble level makes calibration easy, and the mounting bracket offers a couple of mounting options.

The sensor can be configured with custom X and Y trip angle, custom delay for trip angles, normally open – or – normally closed, and sourcing or sinking.

A variety of connector types are available for the standard twelve-inch leads, but other lengths may be specified. They have been designed to create a hermetically sealed device that will survive harsh conditions.

These features make the LS60 a perfect choice for any application where reliable positioning for a stable, level work platform is desired.

Parker controllers provide up to sixteen axes of coordinated motion control for complete electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic motion systems. Products include stand-alone multi-axis motion controllers, integrated control and drive packages and integrated motion and machine controllers.

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    Housing Style Vertical 3 Screw adjust base mount -
    Housing Material Glass-filled nylon plastic -
    Measuring Angle 1° to 10° each axis -
    Height, Length, Width H. 4.6" (116mm) x L. 3.5" (90mm) x W. 3.5" (90mm) Refer to drawings for complete details
    Mounting Bracket Multiple mounting options
    Switch Type No or NC -
    Sensor Type Semi-custom -


    Input Voltage (Vdc) 7 to 48Vdc -
    Output Switch 1 amp max Output Type: Sourcing or Sinking
    Electrical Protection Time delay 0-10 seconds -
    Electrical Connection DT04-3P Various -
    LED Indicators Configurable Configurable wire length
    Time Delay 0 to 10 seconds -
    Output Current Rating Max 1.0 A -


    Operating Temperature Range −35°C to +85°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −35°C to +85°C -
    Humidity 100% -
    Environmental Protection IP67 -
    Vibration 10 Gs -
    Shock 1m drop -

    Features & Benefits

    Glass filled plastic for corrosion resistance -
    1" to 10" operation in each axis -
    0-10 second delay -
    Integrated bubble level and base options for calibration -
    IP67 rating -


    Part Number LS60-03027ECD


    Aerial -
    Construction Equipment -
    Material Handling Equipment -


    Boom Lifts -
    Cranes -
    Scissor Lifts -
    Street Sweepers -
    Utility Vehicles -
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