Parker IQAN-LC5-C0x

High I/O Count, Ability to Support Up to 5 Axes in IQANdesign Platform Applications.

Parker’s IQAN-LC5-C0x is a large, CAN-bus joystick for the mobile market. The ergonomic MP handle option provides a variety of control interfaces. Combinations of buttons, thumb wheels, and trigger are available.

  • A large, coordinate joystick that incorporates ruggedness, functionality, light weight, and has high flexibility for mobile market applications
  • Extremely robust, able to withstand aggressive conditions during outdoor use and in outdoor installations, including EMI, vibrations and a wide temperature range
  • Features a compact ergonomic design making it ideal for armrest and panel installations in mobile equipment

The previous IQAN-LL joystick is easily replaced with IQAN-LC5-C02 or -C03 versions and a short adapter cable.  The CAN joystick replaces IQAN-LL (fourth generation) coordinate levers and therefore is called IQAN-LC5 (Lever, Coordinate 5th generation). The designation – C01 (CAN-bus, type 01) represents the CAN version. The joystick version -C02-U2 is configured to be a drop-in replacement for the IQAN-LL-2U. The joystick version -C03-G is configured to be a drop-in replacement for the IQAN-LL-3G.                                                                                   

The specifications below are for the IQAN-LC5-C01. 

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Angle of Movement ±18° -
Level Force in Neutral, XY 0.6 Nm -
Full Actuated, XY direction 1.4 Nm -
One time loading (max.) 100 Nm -
Expected Life 5 million -
MP Handle - -
Buttons/Trigger Expected Life 1 million
Thumbwheel 5 million


Voltage Supply (base) 9-32Vdc -
Current Consumption (base) - -
45mA @ 14Vdc -
30mA @ 28Vdc -
- -
CAN (ISO 11898) CAN 2.0b -
Protocol ICP (IQAN CAN Protocol) -
Addressing (base) idTag (address 0-7 without termination) idTag (address 0-7 without termination)
Connection Deutsch DTM, 2x6 pos., 1x12 pos. -
Inputs - -
Voltage inputs
Signal range 0-5Vdc
Resolution 5mV
Digital inputs 5(13)¹
Signal high >4Vdc
Signal low <=1Vdc
- -
Outputs - -
Digital output 1
Type High side switch
Max load 200 mA
The voltage and digital inputs share the same physical pins. The user defines the channels/pins with IQANdesign -
- -
Button/Trigger Expected 0.5 million -


Base - -
Temperature range operating ambient -40°C to +85°C
Temperature range sealing, with MP handle -40°C to +100°C
- -
Sealing, with MP Handle IPx5 (above flange) -


Features and Benefits - -
Dual hall-effects sensors -
CAN-bus communication simplifies installation and increases noise immunity -
Built-in drainage will protect the electronics in case of a damaged bellow -
Wide operating voltage range allows use in 12Vdc and 24Vdc systems -
Extra inputs in the base for external signals -
- -
MP Handle Option Provides a variety of control interfaces in an ergonomic, multi-function handle that comfortably fits your hand -
Ideal for repetitive motion functions during extended periods in mobile equipment applications -
Maximum of 8 buttons or 2 proportional thumbwheels in the faceplate Without a trigger also possible
Right or left hand Reducing inventory numbers
Options that are flexible Many combinations of buttons, thumbwheels, and triggers, are possible
Buttons are large and have a nice tactile feel -
The proportional thumbwheel has dual sensors providing 2 crossed outputs that may be compared in IQAN modules for safe operation -
MP handle designed for outdoor use -
- -
Weight - -
Base .40 kg
Handle .25 kg


Markets - -
Construction Equipment -
Forestry Equipment -
Agriculture Equipment -
Material Handling Equipment -
Other Mobile -
- -
Applications - -
Boom Swivel Control -
Plow and Spreader Control -
Excavator Control -

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