Parker IQAN-XS2

8 (20) Inputs, 12 Outputs, IQANdesign Expansion I/O Module.

The IQAN-XS2 is an IQANdesign Platform expansion module designed for high digital I/O count, weather resistance, and safety. The IQAN expansion modules communication with a master over CAN-bus, using the IQAN CAN Protocol (ICP). The IQAN-XS2 has a large number of inputs and outputs that allow the user to have fewer modules for digital signals. The IQAN-XS2 is a flexible expansion module that is designed for controlling hydraulic systems and machinery, using a 12/24Vdc power supply.


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    Dimensions, overall L 164mm x W 119mm x H 6mm
    Connection Connector kit contains (2) types of terminals; MT (Micro Timer) and JPT (Junior Power Timer) Cast aluminum housing


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-32Vdc -
    Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital 8 voltage inputs for connection of 0-5Vdc signals 12 dedicated digital inputs for accepting signals from a wide variety of switches
    Outputs: Proportional/Digital 12 on-off outputs for controlling on-off "bang-bang" valves Can control up to six valve sections or twelve single solenoid devices (ie cartridge valves)
    CAN Communication (2) CAN (ISO 11898) ICP, SAE J1939, Generic CAN -
    Electrical Connection AMP/Tyco power timer -
    Output Current Rating (MA) 1800 -


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +70°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +85°C -
    Environmental Protection IP66 Outdoor use with connector seal membrane to prevent condensation inside the housing


    Diagnostic/LEDS/Display Diagnostic LED If an error is detected an LED on the top of the controller flashes a sequence to indicate the nature of the error
    Processor - Self-test during startup and cyclic operation. Outputs are interrupted if errors are detected
    Software IQANdesign Platform Signals can be selected and the parameters configured using IQAN software
    Controller Type Slave/expansion module -


    Real time monitoring with IQANdesign Data logging functions -
    Housing Material Aluminum -
    - -
    Markets - -
    Agriculture -
    Construction -
    Forestry -
    Material Handling -
    Specialty -
    Transportation -
    And more... -
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