Parker IQAN-XC22/23

Small Dimension I/O Module Designed for Outdoor Use on Mobile Machinery.

The IQAN-XC22 and IQAN-XC23 are IQANdesign platform expansion modules in the IQAN system, designed for outdoor use on mobile machinery.  This type of unit is a small dimension I/O module to be used as an expansion unit in an IQAN control system. All IQAN expansion modules communicate with a master over a CAN- bus, using the IQAN CAN protocol. The IQAN-XC22/23 modules have I/O flexibility that allows the user freedom in defining signals for measurement and control. The housing is designed fro stacking multiple modules, providing a high density of I/O in a small footprint. The XC22 and XC23 are variants of the XC21 designed for outdoor use (IP66). XC22 has no voltage inputs, whereas XC23 has the same I/O setup as the XC21.

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    Dimensions, Overall L 86 x W 90 x H 23 mm Length 250 mm with Deutsch connector
    Connection Deutsch Reinforced plastic housings


    Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9 to 32Vdc -
    Inputs: Voltage/Frequency/Digital XC22 Up to 12 digital (Can be configured see brochure for details) XC23 Up to 20 digital (Can be configured, see brochure for details)
    Outputs: Proportional/Digital Up to 8 digital Depending on configuration (see brochure for details)
    CAN Communication Parker ICP -


    Operating Temperature Range −40°C to +70°C -
    Storage Temperature Range −40°C to +100°C -
    Environmental Protection IP65, IP6K9K Designed for outdoor use on mobile machinery


    Diagnostic/LEDS/Display Internal systems diagnostics sent as CAN messages -
    Processor - -
    Software IQANdesign Platform Signals can be selected and the parameters configured using IQAN software


    Features and Benefits - -
    Monitors up to 20 inputs - analog, digital or frequency -
    Small footprint for use in armrests or other tight spaces -
    Slave unit requires no prommaing -
    Sealed versions for outdoor use -
    CAN communication -


    MMarkets - -
    Construction Equipment -
    Transportation -
    Agriculture Machinery -
    Material Handling Equipment -
    - -
    Applications - -
    Adapt multiple dash panel inputs to CAN -
    Relay controller -
    Auxiliary hydraulics control -
    - -
    Monitoring and Measuring Environment Real time monitoring with IQANdesign -
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