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Electronic Control Systems – Machine Life Cycle.

Having previously been a traditional purchase/sales component, today’s control system involves the whole chain of a machine’s life, known as its life-cycle cost. LCC plays an increasingly strong role in the end user’s decision. It is no longer based on just the upfront product cost.

This puts new demands on the level of cooperation between suppliers and the OEM, on more than the traditional R&D level. Today, an OEM’s production department wants to automate, log and trace the delivery status; the service department wants to handle warranties, offer proactive maintenance and download machine upgrades; and the machine owner wants a reliable machine with high productivity and low downtime. To meet all these demands, IQAN Software Studios were designed to fulfill the needs of the machine life cycle model. The machine life cycle is divided into three phases; development, production and after sales.

The OEM development team considers the time to market as one of the most important factors for return on investment. Time to market is primarily set by design time, application programming, simulating, verifying and creating documentation. Finally, the machine is commissioned for production, where user-friendly, high-capacity software is essential to meet these demands.
The production department constantly strives for improved quality, simpler configuration, faster start-up and reduced production line set-up time, with the possibility to trace and record delivery status.
After Sales
The after sales department wants a reliable machine with minimum downtime, simple maintenance, maximum field service support and the possibility of following up warranty issues.
Software Tools
The IQAN software studios cover all phases of a machine’s lifecycle, from development through production to after sales. There are three different studios available; IQAN Creative Studio, IQAN Productive Studio and IQAN Active Studio. Refer to Technical Information (bulletin) for complete details.

We have listed some general specifications below. Contact Us today to discuss your machine controls system needs. If you are interested in Parker IQAN-Training by GS Global Resources find out more here.


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    Operating System Requirements - -
    Windows 7 or higher -
    IQAN Software Studios are delivered on USB flash drive -
    Printed user manuals and cables are not included -
    - -
    IQAN Creative Studio - -
    IQAN Creative studio is a user-programmable software package for the R&D department. It includes tools for application development, simulation and initial setup -
    The main philosophy behind the IQAN Creative Studio is that the OEM, with their extensive knowledge of their machine, should be able to write the desired machine functionality directly, without having programming experience -
    - IQANdesign a high level graphical design tool which simplifies application development for your mobile machine and reduces development time
    - IQANsimulate a simulation tool, which simplifies function test, validation and reduces development time. It simulates all of the hardware modules in an IQAN application. Software simulation is a safer way to test new applications than on an actual machine
    - IQANrun During the development phase you can use IQANrun to optimize your machine’s performance with the help of IQANrun’s advanced graphical measure and machine statistics collection functions
    - IQANanalyze a general purpose CAN-bus analyzer
    - -
    IQAN Productive Studio - -
    IQAN Productive studio is a software package for the manufacturing and service departments. It includes development tools for customization and automation of production and maintenance processes -
    - IQANscript developed to help OEM production departments to create routines for testing, tuning, setting options, logging, delivery sheets, etc. The service department can also take advantage of scripts to create tailor-made fault-finding trees, service procedures, intervals and much more
    - IQANcustomize service technicians have a large number of tools and documents to keep track of. Sometimes, it is hard for them to find the right information and to be sure they use the correct version of a software or document. The customize feature in IQAN Productive Studio was developed to solve this problem. It allows you to collect all machine software and information in one user interface and to distribute it to your users quickly and easily via the web
    - IQANsimulate can be used instead of a “real” master module when debugging your scripts before sending them to the production floor or field
    - IQANrun during the archive design phase you will use IQANrun to view and optimize the user interface of your archive pages
    - -
    IQAN Active Studio - -
    IQAN Active studio is a software package for service and production personnel. It includes tools for machine diagnostics, setup and simulation -
    - IQANrun software is a user-friendly service, production and machine owner tool which includes a powerful, graphical measure capability and simplifies machine tuning for increased productivity
    - IQANsimulate software is a simulation tool that can be used together with IQANrun to do desktop support or class room trainings. It simulates a complete IQAN system without the need for any hardware


    Features and Benefits: - -
    Security IQANrun comes with full support for all security functions built into IQAN. It allows you to login to your machines and to give access to functions and parameters that are protected by the application
    - -
    Training / Education - -
    IQANsimulate offers an exact copy of the master module display and its user interface, which makes it an excellent tool for class room training. Running it on a large screen will allow you to present display pages and menu system for a large group of students -
    - -
    Support - -
    Call center By the use of clone files you can receive an exact copy of your client’s machine with application, settings and logs. The clone file can be used by IQANsimulate to do an exact simulation of that machine. This will allow call center personnel to do phone support without the need for any IQAN hardware


    Markets - -
    Agriculture -
    Construction -
    Material Handling -
    Transportation -
    - -
    Applications - -
    Tractors -
    Concrete Pumpers, Excavators -
    Forklifts, Reachstackers -
    Bus -
    - -
    Part Numbers - -
    IQAN Creative Studio 20073643
    IQAN Active Studio 20073642
    IQAN Productive Studio 20073644
    - -
    Accessories - -
    RS-232 cable: 1,5 meters, fits to IQAN-MDL2 (for PC connection to IQANdesign and IQANrun 5030103
    Panel mount USB adapter cable: 0,4 meter, fits to IQAN-MC2, IQAN-MD3 5030124
    USB cable: 1,5 meters, fits to IQAN-MDL2 (for PC connection to IQANdesign and IQANrun) 5030110
    Ethernet cable: 1,5 meters, fits to IQAN-MD4 (for PC connection to IQANdesign and IQANrun) 20077780
    - -
    Other Non-Parker Accessories - -
    Available at retail electronic stores -
    USB peripheral cable Fits to 5030124 (for PC connection to IQANdesign and IQANrun)
    USB to CAN adapter Ixxat, Kvaser or NI types are supported (for more reliable PC connection, over CAN)
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