Parker IQAN-MD3

3.5-inch Transflective TFT Color Display Non-Touch Screen and Master Controller.

Parker’s IQAN-MD3 is a master display unit with navigation buttons. The display is fully programmable for use in any machine application as a master controller. The IQAN-MD3 master display has a rugged mechanical design and is completely sealed.

The IQAN-MD3 displays have full graphical, diagnostic and CAN gateway capability and is used together with the easy-to-use IQAN programing tools. This makes the IQAN-MD3 display a perfect fit for any machine application.


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Screen Size 3.5 inches -
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels -
Screen Type Transflective TFT color display -
Touch Screen - -
Front Face Control panel with a display and nine buttons 5 navigation buttons and 4 soft function buttons
Dimensions W 116 x H 137 x D 48 mm -
Housing - Mount in dashboard or exterior control panel
Connections 2 sealed Deutsch DTM 12-pin connectors -


Supply Voltage (Vdc) 9-32Vdc -
Inputs: Analog/Digital 7 analog / 7 digital The analog and digital inputs share the same physical pins. The user defines the channels/pins with IQANdesign
Outputs: Analog/Digital 1 digital -
CAN Communication CAN ICP; SAE J1939; CAN-Open -
USB/Serial 1 USB 2.0 (full speed) / 1 RS-232 -
Real Time Clock +RTC Requires a separate positive power connection -


Operating Temperature Range −30°C to +60°C -
Storage Temperature Range −30°C to +75°C -
Environmental Protection IP69K Outdoor use


Processor 32-bit Capable of storing 80,000 records
Software IQANdesign platform This allows application function groups to be imported between unit types
Other A master controller and display -


20077793 This p/n is used after June 1, 2015 Requires software version 2.63 and 3.17 or higher
Phased-out part number 20072409 Will require latest software drivers to be installed -

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